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New York Comic-Con is underway and we'll surely be seeing a plethora of news and information in the next few days about Batman vs. Superman. But today during the event, a major scene in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has just been confirmed to be a nightmare sequence. Yup, you guessed right. The desert sequence we saw in the trailer has been a major source for theories and speculation with some saying it is real and others saying it is a dream sequence. Well thanks to this photo, we can confirm it a dream sequence all along.

There you have it ;official confirmation from a piece of merchandise at New York Comic-Con titled "KNIGHTMARE BATMAN" strongly alludes to the desert sequence we saw in the trailer and the whole fan theory nightmare sequence. It makes a lot of sense seeing how this incarnation of Batman is strongly paranoid of Superman and would imagine the world where the alien did go rogue.

So the Superman soldiers would be under the bidding of Superman and would kill anyone who questions the Man of Steel's authority. This scene is probably when the Superman soldiers capture Batman himself as he is on his way to interrogate him, because of course Batman won't go down without a fight...

Well at least we have a bit of confirmation from a major part of Batman v Superman. With all these fake spoilers and rumors going around, you don't know what to believe. More Batman v Superman news should be coming these next few days so be on the look out for more!

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Were you right about the desert scene in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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