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I'll cut to the chase. Why? Because just like in the film industry where "Trilogy" is word of the decade, in the world of TV, "spinoff" is all the rage. We already have two spinoffs from Arrow (Flash/Legends of Tomorrow, and in the same universe, Supergirl). Neither of which had nearly as many references as GL has to this point. Now, they have also referenced Batman (see most recently The Flash premiere), but do I think we're getting a Batman show or even cameo? No way in hell (but I would lose my mind if it happened). Why? Because he actually has movies. GL had one failed movie recently, and although he may be appearing soon in this new DCU, I haven't heard nearly as much buzz about him. Plus, Flash is getting his own MOVIE and we have a show for him. Why not Lantern? I think by midway through this winter we might see Hal Jordan's face, or we'll at least see a special fighter jet flying overhead an Argus facility or something, and I think if Legends of Tomorrow does WELL, which I see no reason why it wouldn't, they'll be announcing a Green Lantern show, (however, since Green Arrow was called Arrow, I'd expect something like 'Lantern(s)'. I'm joking, I think it'll be called Green Lantern). And consider this, Greg Berlanti is a beast and seems to have no problem with adding shows left and right onto his belt (for the record, he currently runs 3/4 active shows). And just now after an IMDB scroll, I see that he was a producer on the Green Lantern MOVIE. I bet he'd like a second shot.


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