ByDylan Christopher Kimmell, writer at
Dylan Christopher Kimmell

Long before MGM introduced the film audience to the suave and dangerous secret agent, James Bond, in Dr. No, there was the Forbidden Planet. Released in 1956, the film tells the story of a voyage to a distant planet who's alien race had extinct. The plot sounds like something a writer for Star Trek would come up with, and rightfully so! The film inspired the creation of Star Trek, much like Flash Gordon inspired the creation of Star Wars. I find it quite remarkable that the stories we love so well today and have transcended through time as classics in their own right were inspired by films before them.

The work on this film was quite impressive as a lot of effort went into the design of the film. Just by watching the trailer, it seems thoroughly impressive. I realize I keep saying impressive, but it really is! The fact that one of Disney's own artists, Joshua Lawrence Meador, to create the Id monster is quite remarkable in itself, showcasing just how much work went in to this film that another film studio sought out to help the creation of this film.

I have not seen the film in its entirety, but I grow intrigued by it the more I learn about it, and after writing this, I may try to find a way to watch this film to see how well it truly is, as for when it was released, audience and critics alike enjoyed it greatly and now let us see if thoughts have changed depending on the generation.


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