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Rhiannon Hastings

As much as I loved the first installment, the sequel clearly did not live up to the expectations of what the marketing was presenting. Sinister 2 takes you on a journey to discover the true origins of the boogeyman named Bughuul and why these children are so hell bent on filming the horrors they create.

The sequel takes place in rural mid-west America about a mother running away with her two sons because the father was an physically abusive man. In the process the one child is picked by the ghostly children as the next sacrifice for Bughuul to take.

Along the way you meet Ex-Deputy So & So, which is his character's name (don't ask!) and realize a friend of his starts putting the pieces of the puzzle to the origins of Bughuul and other "sinister" things start to happen.

I do have to say the gory effects really were a step above the original! Hands down, as a practical special fx artist myself, I was stunned and in awe over the CGI and practical uses merged together for this film. That was the best part partly due to how visual they were in details and close up about it as well.

What didn't do it for me was the script. It felt at times redundant in the way the story was being carried throughout. Almost as though it was recycled on a few parts from the original. I know it's not easy to write a sequel, but with so many avenues that it could of gone down for telling this tale, I was surprised they didn't try to bring other elements into the mix.

If they release this on dvd, any deleted scenes hat were cut out, should 100% be added into the special features. I always feel when you have those it can fill in or fix what was cut out for the theatrical release that made the movie less than stellar and make it more appealing.

Overall, this film was too hyper and didn't deliver what it truly promised. I didn't go in thinking it was to be exactly like the original, but the film made me think that way in the end.


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