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For two months now, Hickman has kept us waiting for the continuation of his Secret Wars saga. For the first four issues, we were enthralled in the creation of a new Battleworld, watched all the regions in it battle for control, saw how these worlds are different then the regular Marvel universe that we knew before and eventually saw how they all see their almighty God Doom. But, in issue five, we witnessed even more as Doom spoke about how this world came to be and showed just how scared he truly is that it will eventually all be taken from him. Now, we are in issue 6 of this series, and it takes place three weeks after the events of issue five, and we are slowly seeing how the outcasts from the regular Marvel universe is unraveling everything that Doom has created. We are slowly seeing the end of Battleworld.

For everything good that Hickman has done since he took over the Avengers comics in 2012, there is also some negatives that he has done. This issue, similar to the last issue, has the same problems. We get a lot of dialogue showing us what is coming, but it is done at a very slow pace, so when we eventually get some genuine pieces being played, we are not as excited as we should be. This issue gives the series a kick in the pants as far as the plot is concerned. It provides a grim but compelling view of the declining state of Battleworld while also delivering a number of great character moments along the way. Thankfully, Marvel hasn't saddled the book with filler art, so this issue is every bit the visual showcase its predecessors are. Some memorable moments include finally the use of Spider-man in the comics and he again gives us some light moments that are needed when the world is coming to an end. But, the true excellence in this issue takes place when the story of the birth of the Fantastic Four is discussed. Their origin and what actually happened to them helps to show the disgust that Doom has for his adversaries and also paves the way for his eventual downfall. But, one thing that did hurt this issue is what we never learned and saw. Since this issue does take place three weeks later, we are thrust into the middle of a story and need to just hope that everything will eventually be explained. By the end of this issue, none of the "missing gaps" are explained, and probably will never be. But, we can move past that because slowly all the components are being placed for what is being called "the final war". Will it happen soon? With the scheduling that Secret Wars has had, one probably can't see that happening. But, that can't be held against the comic that was read. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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