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Last year, DC published a weekly series called "Batman:Eternal" which paved the way for a huge storyline that took place. Fans were enthralled in the mystery that played out during that 12-month storyline and each issue upped the game just a little. This year, we have a sequel to that comic series that promises to explore the relationships between all of the Robins and Batman, and expose a secret that threatens the relationship that all of them have with their "father figure".There will not be a mystery villain this time waiting in the wings to destroy the Batman family. This time, it's going to be a secret that can take them down, and if issue one and the cliffhanger is any indication, that secret is going to be huge.

Batman and Robin Eternal has started off with a literal bang, but that's not all that impresses me about this issue (although I do admit to flailing my arms like Kermit the Frog after reading that last page). The care Tynion and Daniel have for each character and their relationships " both physical and emotional " to the others is clearly manifest on the page. If every issue of the 26 part story is this compelling, we're in for the biggest romp of the year. What an awesome way to celebrate Dick Grayson's " and the Batman Family's " seventy-five incredible years. Sure, there is alot of action in the first issue, but that is expected when we are dealing with a comic of this magnitude. There is also alot of "easter eggs" in the issue and even a return of a character who we haven't seen in quite some time. But,the comic is also creepy in a sense. We do know that the cliffhanger has to have a hidden meaning because nobody can believe that Batman, don't wanna post spoilers, but there's just no way it's possible. I am truly glad that this comic is a weekly series because I don't wanna wait a month or more to see what comes next in it or to start slowly unraveling the mystery of what was on the "hard drive". All in all, though, "Batman and Robin Eternal" #1 is off to a good start. The re-introduction of an old face teases us with just enough information to make old fans cheer and new fans intrigued, and the notion that anyone and everyone can be an enemy provides an instant sense of danger to the proceedings. Lightning doesn't often strike twice but, so far, this new weekly series seems to be doing its best to keep the "Batman Eternal"-level of quality alive and well. "Batman and Robin Eternal" #1 is off to a strong start thanks to Tynion, Snyder, Daniel and Florea, and readers will be glad they only have to wait one week for the next issue. I give this first part a 9 out of 10. A must read for any Batman and family fan.


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