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At long last, Eastman gives us the battle that we have waited years for in the form of a comic book. In Mirage, we never truly had the confrontation between Shredder and Splinter that we deserved. In the classic cartoon, those two never got into it either. In the movies, we were left without the battle. In almost all of those, Shredder was always meant to appear as pure evil, with almost no humanity inside of him. But, what drives this man and what will he do when all else has failed around him. That is what we get in this incredible comic book, as over four years of stories come to a close and a final confrontation takes place between two old friends and two sworn enemies.

In recent months, we have seen Shredder go out of his way to finally stop his long-time foes. Between having one of the Turtles almost killed from a sledgehammer blow, having about a thousand Mousers storm the headquarters of the Turtles to kill "the rat" and aligning himself with characters that even he feels is evil. But, now we are at the end of the road, and the start of a new road. Last month, the final gambit was played and The Shredders henchmen and Splinters henchmen were forced to combat with the victors to aid their leader in a final battle. Let's state this right off the bat, this comic is heavy in the material that is supplied to us. The action is both violent and chaotic. The story focuses on the long history between these two foes, and actually offers us both closure and a sadness about what is transpiring between them. But, it also shows us that Shredder is human. Beneath all the metal and armor that he wears, he is a man and he has beliefs that he strongly believes in. It is these beliefs that drives a man to do horrible things that he feels are honorable. The final battle, fittingly takes place on a rooftop, and the scenes of Splinter using all the weapons of his children is amazing and incredible. There isn't anything negative that can be said about this issue except that when it does end, you feel saddened that the storyline is over, but, the next one is about to begin. This is what an anniversary issue needs to be like. Characters live. Characters die. Characters evolve. Tension builds. To Eastman, Waltz, Curnow, Santolouco, Smith and anyone else who has worked on this series over the last four-plus years, I tip my hat to you. You guys and gals have put together something truly special, and I hope you realise how much us Turtle fanboys and girls out here appreciate it. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I absolutely cannot wait to read the next fifty issues. Turtle power! I give this comic a 10 out of 10, and I consider it COMIC OF THE WEEK.


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