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Have you ever been curious as to how much time you have spent watching television over the years, or perhaps, wondered how long it would take you, from start to finish, to complete a certain show? Well, apparently there is an app for that, and now you can find out, down to the minute, exactly how long it would take to get caught up with virtually any television series and even break it down without opening credits or commercials. So, if you are looking to binge watch the first season of The Flash before you fall too far behind, or if you want to get fully caught up on Game of Thrones before your Twitter feed spoils last season's cliffhanger (which it probably already has), then check out to calculate exactly how many hours you will need to dedicate to your TV watching endeavors. And just for fun, below I have posted the run-times for some of today's most popular series. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead - 3.3 Days

The Big Bang Theory - 3.9 Days

Game of Thrones - 2.1 Days

The Flash - 23 Hours

Daredevil - 13 Hours

Supernatural - 9.1 Days

The Simpsons - 12 Days

Family Guy - 5.2 Days

House of Cards - 39 Hours

Once Upon a Time - 3.8 Days

American Horror Story - 2.2 Days

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what shows you are looking forward to this upcoming season!


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