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For almost as long as there have been male superheroes, there have been female superheroes working alongside them. And we're not just talking sidekicks, unless we're talking about side-kicking some serious ass!

In light of that fact, a new CEO, and a drop in stocks (down 45% in the last year), Mattel is partnering with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. to create their first-ever line of action figures for girls, ages six to twelve, called DC Super Hero Girls.

DC Super Hero Girls
DC Super Hero Girls

Christine Kim, a mother of three and a top toy designer at Mattel, spoke to Bloomberg Business about what inspired these changes in the line of female superhero toys. She said in the interview that the current toys are “beautiful, but really sexualized” and that "there's a very direct emphasis on a womanly part."


According to Mattel, the line, titled DC Super Hero Girls, will feature various female heroes and villains during their "formative years, prior to discovering their full super power potential," as a means of reconnecting with their younger target audience. Kim stated further:

"We wanted to have this very strong, toned body, but keeping in mind that they are still in high school, so they’re not fully mature yet."

While it appears Mattel is well-intended in this new line, these new dolls look do less like classic action figures, but maybe at the cost of looking more like Bratz dolls or Barbies.

That being said, I would rather kids have the option of playing with a character who is going to save (or destroy) the world, instead only seeing dolls whose primary interests include fashion, mansions, and convertibles. The more toy options for boys and girls, the better!

(Source: Bloomberg Business)


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