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With Legends of Tomorrow coming soon, we'll have our first DC Superhero Team-Up within the Flarrow Universe. However, viewers of the Flash know that in season 2, Jay Garrick will arrive from Earth-2 to help Barry Allen fight Zoom. Since Jay is from Earth-2, that means he is from a different universe than Barry and Oliver, so he must have some other super friends back there right?

Could the Justice Society Appear in Earth-2?

These heroes could well be the superhero team in Earth-2, and it would be amazing to see them introduced on TV. Here's the original line-up:

Dr. Fate

The magic master of the DC universe, Dr. Fate would be an amazing addition to The Flarrow Universe. With Constantine already set to appear in Arrow, it wouldn't be to hard to imagine Dr. Fate dropping in.


This hero takes a pill to gain the regular superpowers like strength, speed, night-vision, and more for one hour. There have been three versions of this character, and I think the newest one might be the best for this universe.


Another character associated with magic is the undead Spectre. This character delivers harsh and cruel punishments to criminals, like a ghost Punisher. Accept with supernatural powers. I think that The Spectre could be established, it would just take time.


This character has the ability to see crimes in his dream before they happen. Other than that, he's just a really good hand-to-hand expert. One thing about Sandman is that he has a gas gun that makes anyone in his immediate vicinity unconscious. I can just imagine Cisco making this for a mysterious vigilante who teams up with the Flash.

The Atom

Before Ray Palmer was the Atom, the title belonged to Al Pratt. In his recent incarnations, Pratt has gained the ability to shrink and enlarge himself. I think he would be amazing to see as a Jay Garrick sort of character, like the Atom of two Worlds. Get it? Episode Two of The Flash? Nevermind.

Green Lantern (Alan Scott)

Now, Hal Jordan has been teased for quite some time now, and The Arrow writers might have just put the cherry on top of the Easter egg sundae with the Jordan uniform on Arrow last night. However, Alan Scott is from Earth-2, and he could be the Green Lantern set to appear.

Will the Justice Society Be Featured?

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