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It's been 6 years since the last time we have seen the baby sitting boogeyman that we know as Michael Myers on the big screen. But now it looks like we're going to be seeing him yet again in Dimension Films' "Halloween Returns". There have been rumors and much speculation about Michael Myers making a return ever since Rob Zombie's 2009 sequel to his version. But back in June, it was finally confirmed to be happening with The Collector helmer Marcus Dunstan in the director's chair with a script by him and his Saw collaborator Patrick Melton. I personally hold "Halloween" very near and dear to my heart, so here are 5 things that I hope we get out of "Halloween Returns!"


The number one thing that makes Michael Myers frightening is how real he is. He is a human being with a truly evil soul. That is what we need. Halloween creator John Carpenter once said"

"To make Michael Myers frightening, I made him walk like a man, not a monster."

I believe that quote truly represents what is so terrifying about Michael Myers and we need to go back to that. Modern day horror is mainly based around supernatural films now. It's easy to frighten people with something they don't understand or see, but it's difficult to send a shiver down a persons' spine just from a regular person and that is why John Carpenter is such a genius in my eyes. We don't need another cheesy remake with a hip hop star trying to act just to get people to buy a ticket with incredibly fake murders (Texas Chainsaw 3D/Halloween: Resurrection). Marcus Dunstan is known for over the top horror which worries me. He wrote Saw 4, 5, 6, and Saw 3D and if you ask me, this is when the franchise took a turn for the worse. He also co-wrote Piranha 3DD, so he obviously doesn't have a good grasp on simple and real horror, which is what John Carpenter made Halloween to be. We need realism!

Smooth Tie-Ins

According to the way the new writer/director Marcus Dunstan has been talking about the upcoming reboot, it seems like we are going back to the original Halloween series. He said in an interview that his film will be placed after Halloween 3: Season of the Witch which is a bit confusing since Halloween 3 had nothing to do with Michael Myers. He also said that it would pretty much be a proper Halloween 3 that includes Michael Myers. If this is true, then we are going to need smooth tie-ins to the original series. Dunstan said that the film will focus on the family members of Michael's victims that I'm guessing were from the first two films. What I loved about Halloween H20 was how it linked back to the first two Halloween films in cleverly subtle ways. For example, the beginning with the cops talking about Michael's therapist Dr. Samuel Loomis and then cutting to newspaper articles of Laurie Strode surviving the events of Halloween 1 and 2 with a voice over of Loomis talking about Michael was brilliant. Obviously Jamie Lee Curtis wouldn't fit into this time period with her age and Donald Pleasence is unfortunately no longer with us, so Dunstan is going to have to make due with new characters, but also hint at his film still being part of the original story line. If he can accomplish this, then I think it could end up being a great addition to the series.


Now say what you will about Rob Zombie's Halloween films, but he did have an incredible amount of originality. He didn't cop out and just do a shot for shot remake. He took chances and did a re-imagining of the classic story with a new mask, an origin story, and a reason for Michael's psychotic ways which I really respect him for doing. Since this new Halloween film will be a continuation of the original three, Marcus is going to have to flow with the original story, but also reinvent the legend. This brings me to my next necessity for this new film.

Reinventing The Legend

Due to his darkly psychotic soul, Michael Myers has almost made himself out be a myth and a legend. People aren't sure if they can even believe that a real person is capable of being as evil as he truly is, so his presence has to be huge in this reboot. One thing that Marcus Dunstan has said that gives me hope is that he wants to take it back and use the classic William Shatner based mask. Dunstan also uses an example from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer by saying "Our goal is to have that Han and Chewie moment" which makes me a bit more excited for this film. He obviously wants Michael to have a larger than life presence, but hopefully he can accomplish that and still use the "less is more" approach that worked so well for the original 1978 Halloween.

Getting The Original Mastermind Involved

One thing that would give me full trust in this film is the involvement of the original creator himself, John Carpenter. Get him on as an executive producer or just have him on set to give some advice and throw out ideas. If he's involved, then I'm for sure in! I would also love to see some respect shown to an unsung hero, Debra Hill who produced Halloween 1, 2, and 3 and co-wrote Halloween 1 and 2 alongside John Carpenter. Debra unfortunately passed away on March 7, 2005 at the age of 54, so I think it'd be nice to see some kind of tribute for someone who doesn't get as much credit as she deserves. I'm sure John Carpenter would agree.

So, those are the 5 things that will get me excited for Marcus Dunstan's 2016 Halloween Returns. But what about you guys? Do you agree with these things? Do you disagree? What would you like to see in the next film of the Halloween franchise?


Do you agree with these 5 additions for "Halloween Returns?"

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