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Leave it to Justice League Dark (also known as Dark Universe) to come back from the grave. After Guillermo del Toro left the director's chair, it seems that the film, which has developed separately from DC's upcoming slate, has found a new savior.

According to a report from The Tracking Board, Hollywood bigwig Scott Rudin has allegedly signed on as a producer and wants to quickly get the movie off the ground. Though it wasn't included in the list of DC/Warner Bros. movies through 2020, the mystical story has reportedly become a priority again. With del Toro staying on as producer, Rudin wants to start filming in 2016.

So, what else does Rudin's attachment mean for Justice League Dark? A whole lot of potential.

Rudin is responsible for some of the most successful movies of the past decade

Some of Rudin's past credits include The Social Network, No Country for Old Men, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and, most recently, Steve Jobs. Based on the huge number of awards those movies brought in, Rudin's involvement in this movie could mean a huge budget and a fast-track to production. As much as this news excites me, I am taking it with a grain of salt since it's all driven by anonymous sources.

Still, it would make sense that the even darker take on the DC Universe might be gaining traction. Detective and magician John Constantine is the only member of the team to be confirmed to star, del Toro had originally mentioned rounding out the crew with Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon.

The characters from Dark Universe will operate in parallel to the Justice League, with a plan to eventually bridge the two worlds. With any luck, this news will be true, with DC using Cara Delevingne as Enchantress to jump from Suicide Squad to Justice League Dark.

(Source: The Tracking Board)


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