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As you may have heard, the character of John Constantine is coming to Arrow. Matt Ryan is reprising the role he played on NBC’s Constantine, a show based in part on the Hellblazer comic and was cancelled after only one season despite a strong fan campaign to save it; a campaign which included Arrow star Stephen Amell!

Previously, Amell had offered to guest star on the show if renewed, but after that didn’t happen, Arrow’s producers remained open to the idea of Ryan returning as Constantine in a guest role on Arrow – and now it’s actually happening! Ryan has even confirmed his guest starring gig with a video message for fans.

Season 4 of Arrow will be plunging into the world of magic and mysticism, making an appearance from the detective of the dark arts more than apt. But how will Constantine fit in to the show? What role will he play? Here are four possible theories on how John Constantine may be used on Arrow.

Bed bath and beyond does wonders
Bed bath and beyond does wonders

Sara Lance’s Resurrection

As any viewer of Arrow will remember, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was tragically murdered by a mind controlled Thea Queen (Willa Holland) acting on the orders of Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman). She remained dead for all of season 3, but it was recently revealed that she will be resurrected by means of a Lazarus Pit to become White Canary. The Lazarus Pits are unstable devices in the Arrow-universe and contain great power; with Sara Lance having been dead for over a year by the time of her resurrection, it would seem likely that Team Arrow may need advice from a certain “Master” of the dark arts to aid in her being brought back to life.

Rub a dub dub, lower me into the tub
Rub a dub dub, lower me into the tub

Thea Queen’s Sanity

Thea Queen was mortally wounded (or killed, it was not made clear) by Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) during Arrow season 3 and it was proposed that the Lazarus Pit be used to heal/bring her back to life. Malcolm stated that those who are brought back are not always the same as they were before, that the Lazarus Pit changes them. When Thea was brought back with the pit she showed little, if any signs of being changed and seemed relatively normal (beyond an initial wild outburst upon emerging). With some rumors saying that a possible lapse of sanity in Thea may be a factor in Oliver returning to Starling City, it would make sense for Oliver to consult with John Constantine on a way to treat her.

Backslap goes wrong
Backslap goes wrong

The Return of Solomon Grundy

This is a bit of a long shot, but fans of Arrow will remember Cyrus Gold (Graham Shiels) being a deadly nemesis of Oliver’s in season 2. With his apparent death many assumed that he would return as Solomon Grundy (Gold’s more well known zombie identity from the comics) to further bring mischief. Season 3 ended with no sign of the super natural foe, but since season 4 promises to delve into the world of magic it would seem possible for Oliver to run across his once alive foe in his new form. And having never faced an undead enemy before, whom better for Oliver to turn to than John Constantine?

Damien Darhk & H.I.V.E

A major enemy of Team Arrow this upcoming season will be H.I.V.E, an international criminal organization led by Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). Darhk’s “hive of supporters” was described in season 3 as an opposite to the League of Assassins, and Darhk was even a former candidate for the position of Ra’s al Ghul, but left the League and stole Lazarus Pit water to craft his own pool. It has also been shown that Darhk have mystical powers and can levitate objects and fight with super agility. Now that we seer that Dahrk gets his power from totem, John Constantine could be a wealth of information as Team Arrow digs further into Darhk’s troubled past.


All of these scenarios are merely theories. We may see one of these be the reason for Constantine’s arrival in Starling City or we may see a totally new story put forth, but whatever the reason for his coming to Arrow, having Matt Ryan reprise his role was a smart move by The CW. Not only does it possibly bring in new fans and viewers for Arrow, but may also help to show networks that an audience for Constantine does exist. And even if this turns out to be nothing more than a one-off guest appearance, we the fans can at least know we will be getting one hell (pun fully intended) of an episode.


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