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For the past 18 years, Rick Moranis, once a comedy superstar in the 80s and early to mid-90s has been very seclusive from the public eye. Since 1997 (he lost his wife Ann Belsky Moranis to breast cancer in 1991), he's only done a voice-over for 4 films and released 2 comedy albums. According to his Wikipedia page he was retired.

Recently an article came out in The Hollywood Reporter that had a rare interview with Moranis. In it he said he was that he was in fact not retired and said "I'll continue to be picky. Picky has worked for me." He also talked about turning down a role in Paul Fieg's Ghostbusters reboot "I'm interested in anything that I would find interesting. I still get the occasional query about a film or television role and as soon as one comes along that piques my interest, I'll probably do it. [But Ghostbusters] didn't appeal to me."

However Moranis did say he would be interested in a Ghostbusters 3 in 1 2013 interview with Empire. What if Rick Moranis were to consider making sequels for any of his other films? Here is a list of 5 movies we'd love to see Moranis do a sequel for.

5. Big Bully 2

Okay now just hear me out now. Most of you have probably never heard of Big Bully, but it is a film that was not well-received. By anyone. A sequel was planned, but never happened (according to IMDb). Shitty movies haven't been stopped from getting sequels before. Just look at Grown Ups, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, or Baby Geniuses. Okay so these films did better at the box office, but I actually liked Big Bully and felt it audiences and critics responded to it harshly. It wanted to be a family film, but mixed in dark comedy randomly so it made the movie feel a little off-balanced.

Although every one else hated them, I enjoyed the escalated scenes between Rick Moranis' character (David, an under-achieving novelist who moves back into his hometown and encounters his merciless childhood bully "Fang") and Tom Arnold ("Fang") towards the end because it was entertaining to see how far a simple childhood bullying situation could go, but it certainly could have been handled better. Maybe the sequel could up the rating to PG-13 and give the dark humor a real chance to shine.

4. Little Shop of Horrors 2

The 1986 horror comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors was such a fantastic film. Ironically the film under performed at the box-office originally, despite it's critical acclaim. A sequel could build on the ambiguous ending to the first film that saw a smiling Audrey II bud in Seymour (Moranis) and Audrey's (Ellen Greene) lawn in their "happily ever after" ending in the suburbs. We would obviously have to have an ultimate showdown between Seymour and Audrey II Jr. or whatever you wanna call it. And how awesome would a cameo from Steve Martin as the sadistic dentist be?

3. Little Giants 2

Like another film on this list, plans to do a sequel for Little Giants were discussed but never materialized (according to IMDb). Seriously who wouldn't want a sequel for Little Giants? Little Giants is the perfect film for any 90's baby: it had Ed O'Neil at the height of his Married with Children fame, Moranis of course, signature crude humor of the era (fart jokes, name calling, and that one fat kid who always smells), and cameos from John Madden, Emmitt Smith, and Bruce Smith. It would be interesting to see "Icebox" and the rest of the gang as adults and could you imagine O'Neil and Moranis having a good-old fashioned gridiron battle as old men?

Essentially Little Giants introduced kids to the underdog story, the story we all relate to. A sequel could spread a similar message to a new generation.

2. Spaceballs 2

I love Spaceballs. I first watched it as a kid when I was probably way too young and enjoyed Rick Moranis' Lord Dark Helmet character more than anyone else in the whole movie. The funniest aspect of his character is his intimidating demeanor despite being the shortest person among his entire crew. A sequel for this film would feel a little off since John Candy, Joan Rivers, Dick Van Patten, and Dom DeLuise (Barf, Dot Matrix, King Roland, and Pizza the Hut respectively) have passed on since the original film in 1986, but Mel Brooks could certainly find a way to make it work right?

I could imagine an older Dark Helmet teaching his son (Fred Armisen maybe?) his ways of evil maybe in an almost Austin Powers type way. The format of the modern-day raunchy comedy could benefit a Spaceballs 2 and the film's large cult following would definitely be down.

1. Ghostbusters 3

The public has been wanting a Ghostbusters 3 for a very long time now and a true sequel to the first two films would make everyone's dreams come true. This film definitely needs to happen especially considering the rarely-seen Moranis would be down if the screenplay was really good and that he has expressed his own disappointment in Ghostbusters II. Seeing the nerdy Louis Tully accompany the Ghostbusters (R.I.P. Harold Ramis) on screen for a third and final time would be a perfect return for Moranis.


Do you agree with this list? Which Rick Moranis movies would you like to see a sequel for?


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