ByMiriam Lettuce, writer at

Honestly, I have to start off with saying that the show itself is not "bad" or should be taken off the air. I have no problems with silly shows, and enjoy them a lot of the time. However, I must say that Teen Titans Go is excessive.

Day in and day out on Cartoon Network, TTG is aired almost 24-7. With back to back episodes on throughout the day, it makes it hard for me to watch the shows that I actually enjoy. I have nothing against people who love teen titans go, but personally I want other shows to be able to have some airtime.

Cartoon Network has become the teen titans go channel, really, and personally I find it highly disappointing. As an avid fan of Steven Universe, I am very sad to see my favorite show getting less and less showings. Just last summer, there was at least half an hour at 3:00 on the week days where SU would be shown. I looked forward to this half hour greatly, but was incredibly disheartened to hear that it was taken away. I would have understood if it was for a different show to get some air time, but it was just more episodes of teen titans go that replaced it.

I just want to be able to watch my favorite shows on my favorite tv channel since I was a little kid. Now, the only break we can get from TTG is a couple episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball thrown between. I have yet to see a single episode of the new show We Bare Bears since all the TTG episodes are just piling up on top.

Honestly, it's like there is a marathon special every day! I believe that this actually knocks down the viewership, since even I wouldn't want to watch repeat after repeat of the same show over and over.

I could go on for longer, but I feel that would make this too long and boring to read. I wish all of my readers to have a good day, and I myself will go and find my episodes if my shows online, since the channel they should be airing on is not pulling through. Thank you.


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