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This happened when i was about 11. I was walking home from school on Halloween day, when I feel a strange urge to turn around. I turn around and I see a tall man wearing all black, walking towards me. I stopped and for what seemed like an eternity he just stared at me. I start to get worried and I try to run home, as soon as I start to turn around, he yells out: " Hey kid, want some free candy"? I tell him no and that I'm not supposed to talk to strangers. He starts running at me, and while I try to run home, he keeps yelling at me to stop. Once i get home I tell my mom and she looks outside to see that no one is there. My house is on a dirt road and there is no where else to go if you where to follow me home. there was a search for him but they never found him. I some times here taps at my window.


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