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Sherlock is one of BBC's most critically acclaimed and exciting TV shows. The show is superb on every level, with the crazy twists, the amazing characters, and the lengthy episodes. But the one and only flaw that goes along with the show is the wait time between seasons. The length between season 3 and season 4 (which still hasn't aired) has surpassed 2 years. That's 2 years longer than I, or any 'Sherlock' fan wanted to wait.

Thankfully though, BBC announced that they would be having a standalone 'Sherlock' special to pass some of the time. The trailer has arrived, and we Sherlockians are more excited than ever.

If you watched the trailer, you may notice that it might seem a little different than your normal 'Sherlock'. The reason that it may appear a little different is because the standalone special is taking place in the 1800s. If you haven't previously watched the show, you may be thinking Sherlock is set in the 1800s. Well, not this Sherlock, as the show takes place in the modern 21st century. But if you have watched the show throughout the years, this is going to be quite of a change. The show incorporates many aspects of the show, and ties them into the way they solve, and commit the crimes.

I'm excited to see how they do it, as it will be very interesting Cumberbatch's condescending, narcissistic, sociopath in the 19th century.

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