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With Marvel Studios' last superhero of the year being revealed on Netflix in almost a month and a half, Jessica Jones, the excitement is certainly starting to build. Thrill is high in what will be Marvel Studios' first super-powered female solo production! So in order to get fans really thinking, Marvel has revealed a new short teaser that unveils a lot more than most people realize at first glance. Take a look:

Anything catch your eye? Unless you're a top-notch investigator like Jones, probably not! Here's what Jessica Jones would've gathered from the scene since she is an investigator.


The light-up sign at the bus pick-up has a blonde lady with the words "Trish Talk" underneath her. Trish, however, isn't just a nobody in the Marvel Universe. Patricia Walker, who traditionally goes by "Patsy" in the comics, has been cast as Jones' friend, and more than likely fellow vigilante known as Hellcat. Hellcat, believe it or not, was an Avenger in the comics, so expect good things from Ms. Trish, who will more than likely be fulfilling a similar role to Foggy Nelson from Daredevil's show earlier this year.

Avengers Tower

See that strange tower in the distance? Similar to the Daredevil posters released during the build-up before its premiere date, the Avengers Tower can be clearly seen in Jessica Jones' backdrop. Just another friendly neighborhood reminder to all that Jones is part of that larger superhero world too.

Alias Investigations

Alias is the name of Jessica Jones' investigation company. Sounds to me like a company like that could come in useful for a said Nelson & Murdock Law Firm, no? I mean, both heroes operate out of Hell's Kitchen, New York City! Alias, however, is also the name of Jessica's more gritty comic book series and was originally going to be the name of the show when it was first being developed all the way back in 2010.

Purple Light at the Bar

One thing you'll learn about Jessica Jones is that she's very much associated with the color purple. While this may just be a reference to the purple hair color she graced in the comics for a period of time, chances are the association also has a lot to do with her arch nemesis in Season 1, played by Harry Potter actor and Doctor Who fan-favorite David Tennant known as the Purple Man. The light might be nothing, though it certainly wasn't nothing during Daredevil Season 1 poster. His signature color red was lit on Night Nurse's apartment window, a very vital and important scene to the entire show.

Did you spot any more? Sound off with anything missed in the comments!

Jessica Jones, following in the footsteps of the highly-acclaimed Daredevil series by the same makers, will release its first season of thirteen 1-hour episodes on instant Netflix on November 20th, 2015.

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