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If you thought that your Sunday night programming needed to lighten up a bit, Lord of Light-en up a bit, then you're in luck! Today we learned that another High Priestess of the Red God might be heading to Game of Thrones in the upcoming season.

Earlier today, Deadline reported that HBO's fantasy drama will be adding a new Red Priestess to serve the Lord of Light. Melanie Liburd from The Grinder, Strike Back, Dracula and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, will take on the role for Season 6.

For lovers of the current Red Priestess, have no fear. Melisandre isn't going anywhere. Liburd will be joining Melisandre, currently played by Carice Van Houten, to serve R’hllor and their goal of putting the proper heir to Westeros on the Iron Throne.

It's heavily speculated that Melisandre will be integral in Jon Snow's rumored return. Those at the site Watchers on the Wall spotted Liburd on the Meereen set recently. They also reported that the actress will have run-ins with Tyrion and Varys. Both Peter Dinklage and Conleth Hil were seen shooting in nearby areas, so this information seems pretty sound.

Sadly, we'll have to wait until 2016 to see how this character develops.

(Source: Deadline, Watchers on the Wall)


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