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A long time ago, LucasArts released Star Wars Battlefront 2, developed by Pandemic Studios. 10 years later, Electronic Arts picks up where LucasArts left off and revives the franchise under the simple name, [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021), this time developed by EA Dice, the same developer of the recent Battlefield games. On October 8th, EA released a completely open beta for their upcoming Battlefront game which is to be released on November 17th.

For this Beta, you are given the opportunity to play two modes on the multiplayer and one single player or co-op mission. The two multiplayer modes which are available are Drop Zone and Walker Assault. The mode available for the single player or co-op option is called survival. The beta also allows you to unlock a total of 10 “Star Cards” which take the place of support weapons like a grenade, secondary weapon, or even a jetpack. All of these have a cooldown to them. Of the 10 unlockable cards you have the option of equipping only two of these, all of which also require a certain level before they can be unlocked and in game money which you acquire depending on how many points you rack up during your battles. Along with these “Star Cards”, you can also unlock two extra weapons to replace your primary. A pistol which has a higher fire rate but decreased damage than your default weapon and essentially a LMG which has a very high fire rate and high cooldown rate. Both of these weapons also require in game money and a certain level to unlock and “buy”. You also have the choice to “buy” either the Imperial blaster if you’re playing as a Rebel or vice versa. The Beta also showed character customization but it isn’t open during the Beta. Odds are when the full game releases, there will be many more weapons and “Star Cards” available. And of course, both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are available to play as but for the Beta, only during the Walker Assault on Hoth.

As for the different modes you can play, each mode takes place on their respective planets. Walker Assault, which any Star Wars fan knows is the Assault on the planet Hoth by the Imperials. This mode has a massive player cap of 40 and features the iconic AT-AT Walkers. The objective for this game of course is different for each side. For the Rebels, you have to activate all of the outpost uplinks which are scattered throughout the map so the Y-Wing Bombers can lock onto their signal and bombard the AT-AT Walkers, leaving them open to attack by the Rebels. If both of the two AT-ATs are destroyed, the Rebels win. While playing as the Imperials, your objective is to stop the Rebels from activating the outposts to protect your AT-ATs and escort them to the shield generators to win the match. If the AT-ATs reach the shield generators, the Imperials win the match.

In the other multiplayer mode which is called Drop Zone, you fight for control of escape pods on the planet of Sullust in a 8v8 player zone capture frenzy. This mode’s objectives are pretty much straightforward for either side you are put on.

In the last mode which you play alone or with a friend, you are put on Tatooine in a survivor mission where you pretty much just fight off waves of enemies and see how long you can last. Pretty simple.

Now within all of these modes, the game drops many pickups which give you access to a variety of support weapons or tactical items like Proximity Detonators which are like mines, a Squad Shield which you can deploy to protect you and your squadmates, or Thermal Imploder which deals massive damage to whatever is caught in its range. In the Walker Assault mode, you can also pick up vehicle drops which allow you to take control of whatever vehicle that is available for your team. AT-AT Walkers, AT-ST Walkers, Tie Fighters, and Tie Interceptors which are all available to control while fighting on the side of the Imperials and the Rebels have access to X-Wings, A-Wings, and T-47 Airspeeders.

EA and Dice do a great job of staying true to the original concept of the Battlefront games. They deliver a very unique FPS experience which gives a nice freshness to the usual shooters like Call Of Duty or Battlefield. If I had to compare it to another game, I would have to say that the play style feels a lot like playing Halo. The blasters are mostly hip fire with a scope zoom available, a lot like the Halo games. It may take some getting used to if your are used to playing Call Of Duty or Battlefield but it doesn’t take long and once you do get the hang of it, Star Wars Battlefront Beta is a blast to play!


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