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We love our comics, but sometimes we get a surprise and see a celebrity hanging out with our favorite characters. Here are the top celebrity cameos that made it into the comics.

1. Stephen Colbert

In 2008 Colbert decided to run for president but later was denied and his entry was thrown out. In a Spider-Man issue, Spider-Man teams up with Colbert to run as a third party, but later was beat by Obama.

2. Kiss

In a Howard the Duck issue, Howard meets a girl by the name of Wanda that supposedly is possessed. Going to prison later with Howard, the prison doctor performs an exorcism, finding that the thing possessing the girl was actually the band Kiss.

3. Eminem

In a Punisher story arc, Punisher is sent on a mission to protect Eminem from the villain Barracuda. Punisher mistakes Eminem's body guards as hit men and accidentally kills them leading to Eminem believing that Barracuda is actually his ally and not the Punisher. Later realizing Punisher is the good guy, they team up to take down Barracuda.

4. Barack Obama

In another Spider-Man issue to boost sales, the villain Chameleon shape shifts as a double for Obama. Confused, Spider-Man questions both Obamas. Chameleon, not knowing Obama's middle name, is caught and arrested while the real Obama thanks Spider-Man for his service.

5. Anderson Cooper

In the Black Widow issues, Anderson Cooper acts as himself as he reports the series of events that Black Widow is causing in the city.

6. David Letterman

In an Avengers story line, David Letterman invites the heroes onto his show. The Mechano-Marauder heard this and decided to set up booby traps around the set. In a strange moment of chaos, Letterman takes down the Marauder letting the Avengers escape.

7. Cast of Saturday Night Live

In yet another Spider-Man issue, The Silver Samurai learns that John Belushi is in possession of a power ring and crashes an episode of Saturday Night Live to receive it. Spider-Man shows up to aid the crew in return of the ring.

8. Uri Geller

This illusionist was a huge success when he rose to fame. Excited by his act Stan Lee decided to write him into a Daredevil series where Daredevil seeks Geller's help to take down the super villain Mind-Wave.


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