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"It's morphin time", as a group of power rangers always saids when there's

danger out there. okay, so I know that the movie has been remove to a different

year of 2016 to 2017 instead. But not only that, just recently they have found

a new actress who can play the new Kimberly: Naomi Scott!

Naomi Scott (the new Kimberly)
Naomi Scott (the new Kimberly)

I was really extremely impress! When i look her as the new ranger actress,

Amy & Naomi look a like each other! I would like to congratulate her as well

and I know that she will do a great job! So far, I would like to see the new cast

for Jason, Trini, Zack, Billy & Tommy. Speaking of Tommy, I also heard

that they offer Jason David Frank the role to be in the movie

that the director Dean Israelite is going to directing the movie.

But um, I know that Jason wants to be in a real power rangers movie

but i was also thinking that if Austin st John can be in the movie also

along with Jason.

Austin as Jason-&-Jason as Tommy.
Austin as Jason-&-Jason as Tommy.
Zeo Ranger 5 Red-&-Gold Ranger Power!
Zeo Ranger 5 Red-&-Gold Ranger Power!
Tommy & Jason reunited on Power Rangers Wild Force.
Tommy & Jason reunited on Power Rangers Wild Force.

I know that Jason has been on different power rangers seasons such as

Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder & Super Megaforce (as a special guest), but the thing is, is that Austin who plays Jason was also popular too

& he is been into mighty morphin and zeo and also in "Turbo a power rangers movie", both Jason & Austin were really good friends in show way back then

and still being remember by, so i think it is a good idea if Austin can be in it

too (along with Jason David Frank). But not only that i heard that lionsgate

is going to make a power rangers movie, but for a while ago I've seen

a rated-R power rangers fan film.

Rated-R power rangers fan film poster
Rated-R power rangers fan film poster

Here's my thing (again, this is just my thing or a thought).

I watch the whole fan film & I know that everybody loves power rangers I get it, but the way I watch Jason's message about the film,

It kinda gets into me like i agree with him. I didn't really like the film at first,

because all the violence, drugs, curse words & war (at the beginning)

it kinda makes my stomach upset. I mean, I grow with the show all of my life. Like, I'm not saying that in a rude way, i'm just expressing my feelings for the show. Anyway like I said that is just my thing.

I know that the movie is going to come up in January 13 2017 and I'm really excited to see it! And of course, i also like to see the movie in a saban approve

way. I've been watching the show since i was 6 years old-and-now I'm 20,

I'm still going to keep up watch power rangers no matter what. Power Rangers

is my life, i'm always going to stick with that & nothing is going to change!

Thank you very much & we'll find out more the new cast of

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie!!!!!!!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

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