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[The Flash](tag:1068303) is prepared to finally reveal its new evil protagonist for this season: A diabolical villain well known as Professor Zoom. After erasing the Reverse Flash from existence in the previous season, the CW is planning on bringing back the malevolent speedster, but in a completely different way. The first 'reverse' was introduced as a villain of the Flash in the future and tapped into the speed force to travel back into the past and attempt to kill the Flash during the time when he was only a child. The new 'Zoom' that is set to appear on-screen pretty soon may have slipped through the fabric of reality and into what may be a parallel universe to his own. Professor Zoom's one goal now is to kill Barry, or Jay.

Canadian promo shows Zoom's debut?

Canadian T.V. just released a special promo for the next episode of The Flash that's airing next week. The short, 17 second promo seems to contain a sneak-peek of a scene that introduces a prime character to the show. Fans who have seen the trailers know that Zoom is coming, but we haven't had a first look at him until now. The promo doesn't show his exact face, but it pinpoints how he will be portrayed throughout the season.

Check it an HD version right here!


Tony Todd's voice for Zoom is just simply captivating! The threatening tone can really sends chills down your body when he says:

"You want to go home. Kill the Flash."

Zoom could be mentioning Jay Garrick's Flash, considering the fact that they both came from a completely different universe. The reason most of the villains are attacking Barry Allen is probably because he is the Flash for that particular universe and Jay Garrick is almost certainly laying low for now. All in all, the season just began and more is to be shown next week!

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