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No such thing as zombie overload it seems - phytozombies anyone? Phytozombies (part zombie, part plant) are in Season 2 Ep. 4. Not a favourite episdoe of mine but there is never a dull moment on this show with every type of zombie being encountered i.e. baby zombies, blaster zombies, etc as you may know. Basically, I hadn't heard of this series till last week and I sat down and binge watched all the episodes in a couple days. It showcases the craziest road trip ever. It's not trying to bring a serious sense of realism a lot of the time and it's certainly a fun ride. Some people put it down for its heavy doses of humour but I find it quite charming. Imagine living in a post-apocalyptic world where it's every man for himself - no laws, police, government, abandoned towns, and people with low moral compasses, not to mention the zombies - I think you would need a sense of humour if you want to avoid going absolutely stark raving mad.

Favourite characters:
Great with his sniper rifle. Always there to save the day. We don't know too much about him as with many of the others. The development of all of them is very slow but it's more about the action and the lols. He had to give his father 'mercy' and this made him feel guilty but overall he seems like a tough character that is not gonna crack so easily. Not that romance is the first thing on the mind of people in a post apocalyptic world but he hasn't been able to develop a strong relationship of that type. He has shown great interest in Cassandra but she became 3/4 zombie -1/4 human so that's not a good prospect right now. He seemed to fancy who told him he was a good shot on the last episode but she got taken out. There is a girl that he met at sniper contest so we will see if they meet up again. His best relationship is with Doc.

Now, really what would we do without Doc, willing to drill into a guy's skull with a drillbit to relieve the pressure, due to remembering this technique on an ER episode LMAO. He definitely brings levity to the show. Apparently he has a son, I wonder if he's alive.
I think he knows some basic medical stuff but he's no doctor. Would be good if there was a real doctor in the group but never at the expense of my beloved stoner Doc.

I also like her a lot because she seems to be very smart but I was dissapointed when she let herself be convinced that it was best to stay with the sister wives. I know she was traumatised but I expected she would have snap out of it sooner.

So in Episode 4, is basically about a search for a cure for the zombie virus through Zweed (Zombie weed, yes I said Zombie weed-zombie plant hybrid) that is being grown in an abandoned agro-lab in Minneapolis. Zombies are interconnected with the vines in this greenhouse/agro-lab that Murphy and Cassandra go to, ditching the rest of the group. The rest of the group end of there of course, in search of Murphy.

Other general survivors of the apocalypse go to the greenhouse with the hopes of entering and reaching a certain type of weed grown in there - Batch 47- that is purported to be the ultimate natural cure for the virus. Many people lose their lives and become zombies. Murphy, the saviour of humanity lol shows the guy in charge of the lab his 'skills' of zombie control and and agrees to get Batch 47. He succeeds getting a small sample but he can't completely control the zombie attached to the Batch. The weed demonstrates that it is capable of reversing the zombie process, if only a bit when a zombie head is given some of the weed to inhale through its nose and is able to say the word 'brains'. Anyone following the series would know that zombies don't speak so it is a very positive sign. We also discover that it turns humans into zombies uuugh
Anyways, there's a Z weed drugs cartel?! that's controlled by someone name La Reina that we are yet to meet that by the end of the episode the greenhouse is destroyed. Ah, yes, I forgotten about the rest of the group. So they had helped Murphy get a second batch of Zweed but were confronted by the cartel. Doc was only to save 2 leaves that he gave to a little girl who was sick. We also meet the shady Dr. Kurian again, so let's see what will happen with him in the future.

- Waiting to see Vazquez' character develop. I don't think he's necessarily rotten to the core but he is willing to rob people and doesn't seem as if he was in a tight knit group before.
- We see more of Murphy's affection towards the zombies as he seems to gradually become the greatest zombie hybrid. I mean he didn't want the others to kill the phytozombie from Batch 47 when it was after him. C'mon. I'm ready to see his zombaby.
There's so much more to say.....Maybe another time.


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