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Picture, if you will, a convention like Comic-Con (which is taking place as we speak). Bright lights are flashing, celebrities are creating mass chaos as they take their seats for panels.

You're drowning in a sea of cosplayers, their wigs and sleeves whipping about like gale-force winds...and then, the sea parts. You look ahead to see a space- just a gap within the shroud of people. Your eyes begin to scan. They move downwards, your gut instinct tells you to look towards the floor.

Then, you see him! Ash, from The Evil Dead! But...what's this? He's much, much smaller...

Rusty as Ash from The Evil Dead
Rusty as Ash from The Evil Dead

Meet Rusty, the six-year-old horror fanatic from New York who does some truly incredible horror cosplay- and it's definitely better than some adult cosplays I've seen!

Crazy, right? Even crazier: the costumes are completely handmade by his mom. On parenting Rusty, Lisa (Rusty's mom), says:

Rusty has been doing it [cosplay] since he was that's three years. He has done a few different people, won a few contests; he tells me what he wants and I do my best to make it happen!

Parent of the century. (Speaking of which, yes, she knows I wrote this, and gave me permission to use the photos!)

Take a look at Rusty's favorite cosplays! I've supplied the original on the left and Rusty on the right...I dare you not to think Rusty's looks better.

Ash from The Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell's Ash v. Rusty's Ash
Bruce Campbell's Ash v. Rusty's Ash

He looks groovy, am I right? I'd love to read him a bedtime story, just maybe not out of that flesh-covered book he loves (see above). Though if demons were to attack, I think I'd feel pretty safe with Rusty to protect us! Check out his chainsaw!

Also, guy in the center, your Ash cosplay is spot on, too. Props to you!

Herbert West from Re-Animator

Jeffery Combs' Herbert West v. Rusty's Herbert West
Jeffery Combs' Herbert West v. Rusty's Herbert West

I'm pretty sure this costume couldn't be more accurate. From the syringe full of glowing re-animation serum down to the cat from the refrigerator, Rusty clearly loves himself some H.P. Lovecraft.

Shaun from Shaun of the Dead

Simon Pegg's Shaun v. Rusty's Shaun
Simon Pegg's Shaun v. Rusty's Shaun

Shaun of the Dead is sure to invoke lots of screams (of terror and of laughter), but Rusty's costume just makes me want to say "awwwww". He's even got that face down!

Also, I'm pretty sure we just found out what Rusty's going to look like at 30.

Dante from Devil May Cry

Photo by Jason 'Jaypoc' Bauman
Photo by Jason 'Jaypoc' Bauman

While this one isn't a horror film, it's a video game about Dante slaying demons to avenge his mother's death. Rusty's costume is spot-on, and he's also just solidified himself as coolest kid of 2015.

Now that you've seen some of the most accurate horror cosplays ever come from a six-year-old, you're heading to fix yours up, aren't you? It's okay, I won't judge!



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