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If you're unaware, is hosting a competition to see who can come up with the most creative guest lists for a party. You need to invite 5 fictional characters/real life celebrities. I'm going to say that each person will have a "plus one," so as many people can come as possible! Inclusion! I also figured, "Hey, why stop at the Guest List? Your party is only as good as your ability to host, so I'm also going to make a staff list, and no, it's not cheating. I'm HIREING the staff list, not INVITEING them. So, let's begin.

The Guest List

So, I need to find some real animals. Real party animals. People who know how to really get on down! For starters, I'll go with...

Ren McCormack from "Footloose"

When talking about parties, you need to talk about dancing! Who are the kings of dancing? 80s dance movies of course! Who's the king of 80s dance movies? Our beloved fox, Ren McCormack! He can really get the party started!

"I thought this was a party! LET'S DANCE!"

Animal from The Muppets

Need I say more? I need party animals, and who better than the ultimate one? It's in his name! Also, with my plus one, any one of the Muppets could show up!

"No drums! No drums! Jack Black say no drums!"

Yeah...I'm probably not going to rent a drum set for this one...moving on...

Buddy the Elf

So what if he's an overgrown child? He makes everyone happy! You just can't NOT smile when he's around. You always need that one guy to brighten the mood of everyone there!

"I just like to smile! Smileing's my favorite!

How can you not love him?

The Witches from "Hocus Pocus"

Is this cheating? If it is, it shouldn't be. You can't have one without the other two. I want someone who can keep the party going all night. These witches fit the job description. So what if they use magic to make people dance all night?

"I put a spell on you, and now you're mine!"

If they sang that, I'd FAIIINT from excitement!

Will Smith

Now of course, I mean Will Smith in the 90s. When he was all life of the party and everybody's friend. He'd just be a really fun guy to have around!

"On the playground is where I spent most o' my days"

Now for the staff


Becca Mitchell from Pitch Perfect


Remy from Ratatouille

Activities Director

Jane Lynch


Oddjob from GoldenEye


Tom at the bar from the song Piano Man by Billy Joel

Who I'd rent the space from

The Doctor. Party in the TARDIS!

What does your guest list look like?


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