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The Story:

Enjoying life with Felicity in the suburbs, Oliver is once again summoned back to Star City by Thea and Laurel to help them and Diggle bring down a new threat. Damian Darhk makes his grand appearance, offering his assistance to Detective Lance in getting rid of the criminals roaming the city. Everyone but Diggle welcomes Oliver back and they go to find out more about the new enemies called "Ghosts". They find out that they are working for Darhk, who is secretly trying to tear the city down. When they confront him while they are saving the city from a bomb, he displays mystical abilities, nearly killing Oliver. Diggle saves Oliver by shooting Darhk, who gets away. The team is back together and though Oliver is reluctant to stay, he realizes that the city needs him. He introduces himself in a broadcast to the whole city as The Green Arrow. Damian is shown back at the H.I.V.E base, healing himself with water, seemingly from the Pit of Lazarus, from a statue he has stored in a cupboard. In flashbacks Oliver is forced by Amanda Waller to return to Lian Yu to stop a new threat.

The Action:

Seeing the team operate without Oliver was pretty amazing to watch. To see Laurel and Thea progress far enough where they can handle multiple baddies on their own. Diggle provides the muscle and strategy to the team. The trio certainly gave the Ghosts and Damian a hard time even without Oliver there.

New Characters/Cameos:

Damian Darkh is a great addition to this cast and in addition to what was mentioned above, he runs H.I.V.E. Could we go from mystical beings to meta humans on Arrow soon. Obviously it is going to happen, but he opens up a new door of possibilities for the show.

Hal Jordan has made his appearance on the show and though it may just seem like fan service, one can hope we see the Lantern Corps on the show.

Barry Allen popping in at the end was cut a little short, but it seemed like Oliver needed a friend. Someone looks to have passed away and all signs point to Felicity. Oliver also mentions Zoom so we know some of what we see this season will lead up to this point.

Ray Palmer is obviously going to be in Legends of Tomorrow, but apparently "died" in this timeline. Will we see Ray in the microverse in Arrow. Will we finally get to see the Atom shrink before he moves on to Legends? It would definitely add a different dynamic to this show. Plus, who doesn't want more Ray? At least he was mentioned and the city was renamed in his honor.

Character interactions:

Team Arrow- The team could definitely hold their own, but with Oliver there and Felicity back at HQ it just felt right. All of them brought something to the table and it looks like their leader is back and ready for more. Let's not forget about the suits. Oliver's sweet upgrades are thanks to Cisco and although I was skeptical about Diggle's "Blackneto" helmet, his get up was awesome. I am also not going to complain about the leather Thea and Laurel were rocking.

Oliver and Felicity- Let's get this one out of the way. It was sweet seeing them all lovey dovey and living the normal life, but that had to end. Not the relationship, but the normal life. Though I'm still waiting for Black Canary and Green Arrow to be end game, Olicity can stay as long as she does not become the whiny person she was last season.

Oliver and Diggle- Diggle, your wife has forgiven Oliver, so why can't you?! These two are definitely going to be butting heads throughout the season, but they will have to get back to bring bros eventually right? I just hate seeing the one good bromance on the show go to crap because of what happened. The past is it past!

Captain Lance and Everyone- I really liked this character, but he's becoming a little too much to handle. I understood his anger throughout Season 3, but come on man. There was not one pleasant scene in this episode with him. He's just rough all over. What's worst is that he seems to have made a big mistake working with Damian.

Oliver and Thea- Oliver knows that something happened to Thea after being brought back by the Pit of Lazarus. She nearly killed someone this episode and that's what scares him. It will be interesting to see how he helps her get through all of this.

Damian Darkh and Team Arrow- Every villain introduced to this show have been pretty good, but this guy is something else entirely. Rah's had the pit of Lazarus and was the head of the League of Shadows, but Damian stopped arrows in mid air using magic. I think it's going to take a whole lot more that Team Arrow to bring this guy down. Neal McDonough just fits the role perfectly.

What's To Come/Theories:

Looks like some darhk times are ahead for Team Arrow. With a new and cunning villain on the scene, the show has already gotten off to the right start. Damian is going to be giving the group a hard time especially since he's shown his practice of some sort of black magic. Looks like a couple of people die next episode with Oliver and Detective Lance at each others throats again.

Final Thoughts:

This season premiere was solid and sets the mood for the rest of the season. It had enough action and great character interactions. The way Oliver was brought back to Star City was okay, but with the introduction of Damian Darkh, the question of whether Ray is in the microverse, and the death at the end of the episode has us excited. Leave your comments down below, we'd love to read them. What did you think about the season premiere of Arrow?


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