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I just finished watching American Horror Story: Freak Show and I have to admit I was blown away. Oddities in human nature have always fascinated me, so naturally I'd give Freak Show a chance.

I wasn't all that impressed with the other seasons, as while they were frightening, they didn't quite grip me with their storylines. Freak Show, however, was quite different. It held my attention right from the start and had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The characters managed to worm their way into my heart and stay there, something that cannot be said for the previous seasons or generally with this genre. It was a feast for the eyes and the mind, evoking fear, delight, sadness, anger and relief all at once.


Elsa Mars was a truly interesting character who kept me guessing right from the start. Jessica Lange truly brought the character of Elsa Mars to life. She was a strong character who didn't let anything stand in her way, even if her actions were less than noble. She suffered greatly, she could have given up, but she stood tall and moved on, offering sanctuary to those scorned by the world.

The other freaks of the show won my sympathy and support as each of their stories were revealed. I think the one who most struck me was Ma Petite. She captured my heart right from the beginning and did not let it go. I was truly sad to see her die the way she had and felt angry when she was put on display for others to gape at. But when we saw her again at the end, I wept tears of joy. She was truly a beautiful little soul who brought light into the hearts of her fellow performers. She was a truly exceptional character and always brought a smile to my face with her adorable actions and sweet heart.

Meep the Geek was not a character I was overly fond off, due to him biting off bird heads, but it hurt to see him being treated so carelessly by the people in town, even being beaten to death and cast into the dirt like he was rubbish. He didn't deserve that. He still had an innocent soul.

Salty and Pepper.... Where can I even begin with them? They were truly a love story for the ages. Salty and Pepper may not have been the smartest in the bunch, but by gosh, you could just see how much they understood the world. Their love was full of innocence and childlike wonder. I wanted nothing more to comfort Pepper when Salty died in his sleep. It was horrible to witness Pepper's anguish when Baby Lucas was killed without mercy. You could see just how much she loved that little baby. He was all she had left in a world where no one loved her after Salty died and Elsa left her with Pepper's sister. Pepper had a truly beautiful soul, so full of innocence that not even Edward Mordrake and his demonic face could find fault with them.

I cried long and hard when one by one, each of the performers was shot down by that wretch Dandy. I truly hated his character and wanted nothing more to see him suffer. But in the end, I couldn't help but feel a small shred of pity. He was clearly not right in the head, by no fault of his own. He was a victim of the cursed existence given to one who parents interbreed. Truly the madness within was not his fault but ultimately led to his downfall.

Edward Mordrake was a truly terrifying character to behold, with the demon face on the back of his head that would not die, driving him to insanity with it's demonic whispering to the point where he took his own life. Not even in death did Edward find peace. I thought it was a truly interesting way to bring this particular character into play by saying he'd appear if a freak show or freak performed on Halloween. His mission to search for another freak to add to his group by hearing their darkest tales, sent shivers down my spine, yet I could not help but feel a certain sympathy and fondness for this character. It was quite clear he was not fond of his role in death, but he was truly a gentleman. I'm quite glad they brought him back one last time and sent Elsa back to where she belonged.

I never liked clowns too much and Twisty made that fear even worse. But when I saw his tragic story, he tugged at my heartstrings and I felt pity, something I never have admitted to have felt for a clown before. He was a victim just as much as anyone else, by no fault of his own. He was a sweet and gentle soul before the cruelty of the world corrupted him. I am glad that he has finally found peace in death.


The ending was beautiful and I was sad to see it end. But for those still alive, they got their happy endings like they always wanted and Elsa was reunited with her dear ones, the people who meant the most in life to her.


I would recommend this season to anyone who enjoys the strange and unusual but I must say, just because someone looks different than us, that does not make them any less human. Each performer in that show, from Elsa Mars to Ma Petite, was truly an exceptional human being, who deserved to be happy. They were judged unfairly simply because they were different. They didn't deserve that. But I am happy to know that they finally got the happiness they deserved. Seeing them viewed as nothing more than curiosities to be gawked at in a glass jar. So many deaths planned and actually seeing some of the characters put on display just made me so angry. They had rights as human beings, except the world didn't see them that way.

I never expected to fall in love with the characters of a horror show of all things. But I did and they'll stick with me forever.


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