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David Littlefield
*sarcatically* you are right, that was underwhelming. *back to serious* Craptastic Four sucked because everyone involved with the movie kind of gave up because they all hated working with each other. That, and Fox picked the wrooooooong story arc to go with... again, and then portrayed it poorly (they picked the WORST selling origin story of F4, ran it through the mill 6-7 times, took a shit on it, and put it back in the mill for a while). The storyline had no cohesion between the first act and the second whatsoever- it was like watching two completely different short films written by two different people with completely different actors and levels of command of the English language. FOX's superhero movies are going to die out quickly, because they only own movie rights, and refuse to play nice with the big kid on the playground (Disney). The only part of Fox's rights that has a chance of not completely failing at this point is Deadpool, and that's only because of Ryan Reynolds. Fox has absolutely no fucking clue what they are doing with these movies any more, and I think Shitburg is basing his opinion of the genre on those.

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