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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Norman is your everyday kid. Until that is we find out that he has a deep dark secret. What is it you ask? Well, he can see dead people. Yeah, yeah, just like that Sixth Sense kid but seriously though we can see them through his eyes as well and that's kinda creepy and sends your skin to goosebump place yo.

So, we meet Norman and we also meet his goofy friend, or more of the generic fat kid eh, but honestly, his friend is the only one who trusts him man. But after awhile, something is brewing in the distance, and allusions of the zombies coming. Of course there is, but then, we have the curse of the town right, that is a little girl who was falsely accused of being a witch of the town.

Which is something, we find common in those olden days but come on she was just being honest about what she saw and she got vilified for it. So everyday from there she spent bruting and planning her revenge.

What's happened to the people then, well they get ravaged by the zombies and we find out that actually it was the little girl whom the zombies wanted to get rid off because like she was going to destroy everything right.
And in the end we find out that the girl really just wanted a fair trial and like Norman shares a poignant moment with the girl.

And the ending is just something we really get into man, because like we find out like he shares the same like uncertainties and we see him tell her that revenge isn't something that is always right, and that, we only need the understanding from at least one person.

So in the end this isn't your generic horror, Halloween type story, but the history behind the town and the curse and the ability to see ghosts is something worth dabbling into and I'm glad they did that. Yeah, the generic drama stuff is in there, but it was worth it seeing how Norman actually tries to convince people that the unknown is just something that's there and not really something to be afraid of unless of course they're threatening your life.

But something about the colors and the shadows and the designs of the zombies is really something that's worth checking out. And as I've said earlier the final third is one of the most touching scenes I've seen. i mean we see her as like a mean old lady with the nose and the boils and the evil cackle, but really she was a scared little girl who lost her parents and got lost in the hatred filled world.

And that is one of the most poignant Halloween movies I'll ever see


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