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Ever wondered if the Disney villains have rules or commandments that they live by? Well over by Collegehumor, illustrator Nathan Yaffe and staff member Andrew Bridgman came up with the 10 Disney Villain Commandments.

I have to say these commandments are genius because it speak the rules of a lifestyle that these villains live by in the movies, of course! These commandments did got a good laugh out of me while I was scrolling through Collegehumor as they always know how to get a good laugh out of almost anyone really.

I think these commandments are humorous in their own sense and that the illustrators did a great job by making it look like stain-glass windows. Heck, they even added bits of Old-English such as "Thou shalt send thy most bumbling henchmen on the most important task, so that they may fuck it up." I thought these summarized what each villain does in every Disney movie that has a villain. For example, they list Hades and his henchmen, Ursala, Jafar, etc. and their commandments are what they do in each Disney movie or at least we think they do. My favorite has to be Scar's commandment saying that he sings one song about his schemes involving shadows. But the one that got me laughing was Hades. If most of you have seen Hercules, then you can probably get a good laugh from it especially if you know how badly Pain and Panic mess up throughout the entire movie on Hades schemes.

Take a look at the few commandments they came up with:

Any Disney fan would enjoy these commandments and if you're really into Disney then you can agree probably agree with these illustrations done by Collegehumor. You can see more of the 10 Disney Commandments here.


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