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In November of 2008 Google came out with a new product called Google Earth it was still in beta test and the images that were used in it where images from NASA satellite photos. immediately after the program came out people were discovering new things underneath the floors of the ocean and on the land so I thought what a wonderful tool to search for the lost city of Atlantis so I looked up the research from the accounts to Plato had beyond the Pillars of Hercules in the Atlantic Ocean and I found objects just beneath the Azores on top of the great meteor tablemount when I zoomed in as close as I could I found structures it was so big I compared to the city of Detroit and they were larger. A couple weeks after I discovered this I recorded a video of it and posted it on YouTube. after people started commenting on my video and trying to debunk it saying that it was photoshopped. I was able to prove it wasn't because in the video it showed images provided by NASA! immediately after this Google Earth came out with an update that used sonar imagery instead of NASA satellite photos which covered up the images that I saw on ocean


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