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With less than a month now until Grimm returns to our screens for the Season 5 premiere, the fanbase is more excited than ever. We've been promised keys, coins, babies, vengance and redemption and it's all shaping up to be very exciting when the series reboots itself on October 30th.

The first teaser trailer was released a while back (below), and though it told us bits and pieces about the upcoming season most of what we've learned was from interviews with the cast and crew over the past few months, and there seems to be trouble on the horizon for our favourite Wesen couple...

Babies, Babies Everywhere

We already know that we're getting a new arrival in the form of Nick (David Giuntoli) and Adalind (Claire Coffee)'s baby, but could there be yet another?

Answering a question posed by fans on Twitter, Bree Turner (who portrays fuchsbau Rosalee) addressed the issue of whether or not Rosalee and her blutbad husband Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) will have children of their own next season.

Though their characters briefly broached the idea of starting a family with each other in Season 4, Turner says that it is the arrival of Nick and Adalind's child that will fuel their decision-making in that regard once the baby boy arrives in the premiere episode, The Grimm Identity.

Silas Weir Mitchell, on the other hand, doesn't seem to think that they will be having a baby, at least not this season, due to logistics:

"There's already too many babies on set as it is. Whenever you have one baby that means that you actually have to have two babies 'cause they have to be twins, and they can work for like 45 minutes every seven hours or something. The work rules are very intense for babies, so my feeling is they're probably gonna hold off on us having a baby... Having said that, it's out of my hands. So if they want us to have a baby we'll have a baby, but I would be surprised."

But the baby issue isn't the only thing Rosalee and Monroe are going to be dealing with in Season 5...

Rosalee's Addictions

Monroe & Rosalee woge
Monroe & Rosalee woge

Way back when Rosalee first appears in Season 1 we find out that when she was younger, before she moved to Seattle, she spent seven years addicted to Wesen drugs, namely the highly addictive Jay. At this time she was also involved in shoplifting and ended up in jail, missing her father's funeral and becoming alienated from her family as a result.

She eventually overcame her addictions with the help of her now-deceased brother Freddy (Randy Schulman), and returns to Portland following his death to take over the spice shop. But according to Bree Turner, Rosalee's struggles with drug abuse are going to come back to haunt her in Grimm Season 5 and in turn cause "major problems" with her relationship with Monroe.

"Rosalee came onto the scene very guarded, dealing with a past of addictions, and that's been shelved for good reason...I think her addictions (are about to) come back into the story."

Whilst this is an undeniably dark turn for her character to take, it's also a great flaw for her to have; a really human aspect to a (literally) inhuman character. Despite usually appearing very grounded we know that Rosalee still struggles with the events of her past, particularly in regards to her relationship with her family, as seen in SE3E11: The Good Soldier at the antagonistic dinner she and Monroe have with her sister and mother.

Monroe & Rosalee's Wedding
Monroe & Rosalee's Wedding

Some fans have speculated that this reoccurrence will cause the dissolution of Rosalee and Monroe's marriage, but somehow I doubt that. The writers spent too long building it up just to break it back down now, and should their relationship fail it would probably mean that Rosalee's character wouldn't be able to stick around. Considering that we lost two of the main Grimm girls last season it would be a bit of a shot in the foot of the show to get rid of her at this juncture.

Besides, we've just lost Juliette and therefore Juliette-and-Nick. So Grimm could certainly benefit from having at least one relationship that doesn't end in heartbreak or, you know, death.

What do you want to see in Grimm Season 5? Tell us in the comments below!


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