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Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps is the multiplayer competitive shooter coming out of Capcom's undead division. The game promises to be both brutal and calculated - a combination of fully automated weapons, head splitting hand to hand combat, all mixed in with hordes of ravenous undead - Umbrella Corps is a true bloodsport extravaganza!

This latest installment from Capcom's Resident Evil team is going to be accepted into the industry in extremes. By that I mean, players are either going to love everything about it or absolutely hate everything about it.

Earlier this week, the team released a short video showcasing one of their competitive game modes for the title, complete with the developer commentary. The game mode is aptly named 'One Life'.

It is a 3 vs 3 deathmatch. The premise is as simple as it sounds, each combatant has one life and it's a bloody fight to death that can only leave one man standing - that is of course if you ignore the undead that are left roaming the hallways.

The gameplay itself actually looks rather good, the conflicting elements of the competitive shooter vs RPG zombie dodging actually come together well in the final article. It is almost like putting peanut butter and jelly together - no one quite knows how or why it works, but it does.

The same goes for Umbrella Corps, the game's multiplayer ESport premise alone screams out in protest against its creators. I mean it is so far off where fans wanted the series to go that it has somehow becomes acceptable as an entirely new experience.

The game allows for both bloody hand-to-hand combat, where players are able to cleave heads open with giant ice picks, to players being able to lure hordes of zombies onto a target and watch as they tear their enemies to shreds.

Not forgetting the highly competitive elements that go with the new game. It should, in theory, have a little something for everyone.

This is Not a Resi 7 Replacement

Let me clarify this extremely important detail - this is not Resident Evil 7. Do not mistake this game as the title that robbed you of your favourite zombie horror brand.

Just yesterday, the Capcom team spoke out regarding the development of Resident Evil 7.

"We're currently not at a state to talk about it," Kawata said when asked directly about Resident Evil 7 in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Dengeki PlayStation (via Siliconera). "But please stay tuned."

There is a game in development - however, they are not at a stage that they feel that they can talk about it yet. Resident Evil 6 in my opinion (and many others) wasn't great, but we have been promised that the seventh edition is taking us back to our horror roots. Let's hope we see a game that feels like Resi 2 but looks like Resi 6.

Back to Umbrella Corps, I do truly think - and I welcome your thoughts below - that this game has great potential, particularly due to the more competitive, tactical players.

The combat feels clean and original, the weapons are dynamic and varied - each article often comes with a gruesome end result. I believe that this is certainly one to watch and I do implore all the sceptics out there to at very least give it a go before boycotting completely.

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