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(Warning - the following contains mild potential SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise...)

Now, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice still a surprisingly large number of months away, it's no real surprise that fans the world over are finding it harder and harder to stand the endless, Bat-fueled waiting. What's more, with the last major trailer release for the movie having raised just as many mysteries as it solved, we're now not only waiting -- we're waiting with a whole lot of questions.

Thankfully, though, it looks as though...

One of the Batman v Superman Trailer's Biggest Mysteries Might Just Have Been Solved

Specifically, that one up above -- the scene in which a cloaked and goggled Batman seems to be snapping the necks of Superman-logo-ed military types. You can check it out at around the 2:40 mark below...

That scene, y'see, sparked a whole lot of fan excitement -- not only because of the fact that Batman was snapping people's necks like twigs...

...but also because it sure did seem like that sequence couldn't possibly be taking place in the actual, factual DC Cinematic Universe. After all, Man of Steel's Superman was a little edgier than we were used to, but he wasn't quite 'all-in-black private army' edgy.

With no clarification from Warner Bros. though, we were very much left to make up our own minds -- until now, that is. As it turns out:

A Newly Revealed Action Figure at NYCC Just Confirmed Exactly What That Scene Is

Or, at least, the figure -- spotted by on the New York Comic Con floor -- sure seems to confirm that the scene is, in fact, set to be a dream. The reason?

It's labelled 'Knightmare Batman.'

Which, barring a strangely supernatural twist in the movie's third act, seems to confirm that the neck-snapping Dark Knight we saw in the trailer will indeed appear only in a dream.

The big question now, though?

Whose Nightmare Will That Batman Be Appearing in?

After all, there's absolutely no guarantee that it'll be Bruce Wayne's dream state we'll be seeing...

Here, then, are our five of the leading 'dream' candidates:

5. Lois Lane

After all, Superman isn't the only one likely to be worrying about Batman...or about the Man of Steel's potential to become a super-powerful despot. Many have worried that Amy Adams's Lois Lane won't have enough to do in Batman v Superman -- opening up the possibility that she'll be given 'prophetic dream' duty.

4. Lex Luthor

Money and lustrous hair may well keep you in the public eye, but they can't necessarily guarantee you a good night's sleep. Could Luthor yet turn out be a surprisingly sympathetic villain -- one troubled by the potential threat of both Batman and Superman, and determined to take them both out to protect the world?

3. Wonder Woman

Now, sure, a whole lot of early speculation has placed Wonder Woman on either Batman or Superman's team -- but it's also entirely possible that she's just as concerned about the threat each of them could pose, as a result of an unpleasant, desert-set nightmare (and, y'know, common sense).

2. Superman

Who better to worry about Superman becoming a despotic ruler with his own private army than Superman himself? He is, after all, a super-powered alien who just demonstrated his willingness to kill in order to save lives -- why wouldn't he be fearful of sliding down a slippery slope? Also, not the neck-snapping, and how that would be a natural thing to haunt the Man of Steel's dreams after that encounter with Zod.

Finally, though, and perhaps most likely?

1. Batman

Now, sure, Superman could be filled with fear and regret, but if that's a Batman dream sequence, it's much more likely to be fueled by an open distaste for Superman and his methods (with just a dash of self-loathing and fear of stepping over the line). Which sounds pretty much exactly like Batman to me...

What do you reckon, though?



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