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With just two sleeps to go until the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6, creator Robert Kirkman has given an interview with EW about what we can expect to see over the coming months, and even jokes about when he thinks the show will end!

First up, Kirkman discussed many of his current projects, including the new companion series Fear the Walking Dead, and the excitement of moving into Season 2 of the show, with the finale ending with the characters about to board a boat. Talking about what we can expect from Fear in seasons to come, he says:

"Every season of The Walking Dead changes a little bit, and it is an evolving show. Fear the Walking Dead, while vastly different, as you can see from the first season, will be kind of the same model. Season 2 is not going to be exactly like Season 1, Season 3, if we're lucky enough to get it won't be like Season 2, and we'll kind of continue on that kind of track.
Season 2...I don't know, people are going to be kind of blown away. The boat stuff, and all the stuff that's coming up that I can't talk about yet is all very cool..."

Yes, I cannot wait! Especially because he then jokes (or is it a joke...) about water zombies. Can zombies swim? I guess we're about to find out in Season 2!

Next he discussed how Season 6 of The Walking Dead is going to be a particularly interesting season, due to the fact that we're going to see a "pretty stark contrast with people." Kirkman then explains that between the group in Alexandria, Rick's gang and the Wolves, there will be a lot of people who have all survived in this new world, but have "evolved in very different ways." Kirkman also talked about Morgan (Lennie James) joining the cast full-time, and the excitement for what this means for Season 6.

And finally, Kirkman commented on the question all Walking Dead fans dread to ask: when will the series end? Well, never fear because according to Robert Kirkman, as long as he lives, so shall the series:

"Here's to 150 [issues of the comic], and hopefully we'll be seeing 200 soon, then 250, then 2000 and you know, then I'll die, and the story will not have an ending...I'll just write it 'til I'm 82 -- 82 is a good run, I think I can make it to 82."

What do you reckon? If Robert Kirkman writes 2,000 issues of The Walking Dead comic series, will the TV series continue? Will we see an elderly Rick Grimes?! You never know, if the AMC series can continue securing the huge ratings it reached in Season 5 perhaps it's not such a crazy idea!

Watch the whole interview below:

The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres Sunday, October 11th on AMC

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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