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They were sassy, cute and popular to boot. Covered in biro tattoos and cheeky cheer outfits, they brandished their spirit fingers with militant dedication and hosted a fund-raising bikini carwash that was, ahem, pretty cute. They were the gang that came together to make one of the best high school movies of the last forever, one that made cheerleading cool again and brought the sass, big time. It was, of course, Bring It On.

Now, 15 years after the movie's release, Kirsten Dunst (Torrance Shipman), Eliza Dushku (Missy Pantone), Jesse Bradford (Cliff Pantone) and Gabrielle Union (Isis), have come together for a big reminisce-a-thon courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, providing an interview which is basically gift-wrapped nostalgia gold.

Throughout the interview, it becomes clear that the shooting of Bring It On back in 2000 still contains many fond memories for each of them. From fans screaming lines such as "I got the door, Tor!" to Jesse Bradford in bars (which, by the way, wasn't even his line) to Kirsten Dunst likening the cheer smiles to a Miss America competition, it's clear that references concocted during shooting still have influence on their lives today.

Recalling their castings, Eliza Dushku said her natural disposition lined her up perfectly for the role of Missy. In fact, her scathing attitude in the auditions is what landed her the part in the first place.

I was a tomboy growing up and kind of an anti-cheerleader in real life. But I begrudgingly showed up for the audition, probably a little hungover. There were girls doing flips in the lobby, and I kind of cringed and dodged them and went in, and I guess Peyton just found that hilarious. He asked me if I could do a split, so I got onto the ground into a split, and that was it.

Whereas Gabrielle Union, who lead the Toro's opposition, the Clovers, didn't have to audition at all.

I actually didn’t have to audition. I had done a lot of teen-oriented films — 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, Love & ­Basketball — and I had a recurring role on 7th Heaven… A lot of those leader-type popular-girl roles, so I think I was on their radar.

One of the juicier excerpts to come out of the conversation, however, was when Jesse Bradford revealed that thanks to one of the male cheerleaders going rogue in Rosarito Beach, a bunch of the stars ended up being arrested.

UNION: We were really close to Tijuana, we were away from home, we had money — you know, at the time, a $100 per diem is quite a bit.
DUSHKU: There are some rumors online about our extracurricular activities, but I maintain that I always showed up to work on time. Without having to be yelled at by a producer.
BRADFORD: I would love to set the record straight about that, if you want the truth — or maybe the truth with some omissions. First of all, it was Rosarito, not Tijuana. It was me, Eliza, Rini Bell, and this dude Lance, one of the male cheerleaders on the Toros. I’m gonna blur the details of how and why, but needless to say, we got arrested. We had to go in front of a judge — I use that term loosely here — and explain what happened, and he let us go… They said that one of the producers, Max Wong, had to bail us out, but I don’t think any of them knew what happened until well after the fact.
DUSHKU: Thank God for those little disposable cameras that nobody ever really developed, so we never ended up on TMZ.
UNION: First rule of Fight Club, don’t talk about Fight Club. There were a lot of adventures, I will say that. [Laughs]
DUNST: I had no idea everyone was out partying! I was just happy that it was the summer and I didn’t have to do schoolwork. I had everyone over to my house and had a pool party once, but my mom was there.
DUSHKU: She was a precocious teenager, Kirsten, so she was pretty on it and had a good time keeping up. Even though we were a bit older, she got the humor and madness.

I would've placed bets on Kirsten Dunst getting fully involved in the action though, slightly disappointing!

You can read way more of the interview by following the link at the bottom of the page, but first lets take a look at the other Bring It On squad members that helped make this fantastic movie an all time favorite.

Clare Kramer - Courtney

Nicole Bilderback - Whitney

Lindsay Sloane - Big Red

Nathan West - Jan

Huntley Ritter - Les

Source: Just Jared, EW


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