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While most Potterheads would jump at the chance to watch an adaptation of the books in the same vein as Game of Thrones, sadly it will never happen. Earlier this year, J.K. Rowling crushed the dreams of Harry Potter fans everywhere by officially confirming on Twitter that the fantasy world she created would never have it's own television show.

When one follower asked when we would see a Harry Potter television series, Rowling swiftly shot down the mere idea of it.

As disappointing as that may seem, there's still reason for us to rejoice. We might not see a new telling of the story unfold in a series, but those in the UK will be able to relive the magic over and over again for an entire week on Sky Movies.

The channel puts ABC Family's famous Harry Potter marathons to shame by dedicating an entire week to the franchise. Starting October 24, all eight films, documentaries, extended editions, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews with the cast will air non-stop on Sky Movies.

If for some reason you find yourself unable to partake in the weeklong festivities, all eight of the Harry Potter movies will be available on Sky Movies' on demand option for an entire year.

Although J.K. Rowling said we'll never get a real Harry Potter show, maybe she'll take this opportunity to get involved with the channel and release some new content. Given her tendency to reveal new information on social media, it doesn't sound totally out of the question.

For the unlucky fans outside of UK cable networks, we will simply have to resort back to ABC Family (now Freeform) for our Harry Potter marathon fix. And even when we do get those marathons, they certainty aren't an entire week of non-stop HP. Bummer.

At least now that we're entering the holiday season we can expect to see the gang on the small screen far more frequently.

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