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Nicole Kidman is "very happy" and she wants you to know about it. Apparently her and Tom Cruise's 22-year old daughter Isabella has just tied the knot and the actress could not be more thrilled. They adopted the little girl two years after she wed the Hollywood actor in 1990.

According to reports, Isabella married British IT consultant Max Parker in a secret ceremony sometimes last month. The pair supposedly met in London through friends, and where Isabelle currently works as a hairdresser.

Isabella with her bridesmaids on the big day
Isabella with her bridesmaids on the big day

A source revealed:

"Nicole is very happy for Bella. She, like all mothers, wants her child to be happy, and it surely seems Bella is very happy."

Yet, Nicole, Tom and her 20-year-old brother Connor, did not attend the wedding. And whilst this move might seem bizarre to some, it was because they wanted to avoid turning the private affair into a "circus." Despite this though, the Mission Impossible star was very eager to foot the bill for the ceremony, especially considering it was thought to have featured a mixture of Scientology and Christian rituals.

Plus, think about it, the press would have thrown a complete sh*tstorm if they had known that Nicole and Tom had reunited to celebrate the wedding of their daughter. So fair play to them for letting Isabella enjoy her big day without the paparazzi.

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