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Finding the perfect costume can be a struggle, especially when you have something super specific in mind which is making your hunt nigh-on impossible. But fear not, there is a solution! All you need is confidence, paint and shit load of talent, like these guys...

1. Na'vi Woman by Jessie Melero

2. Duela Dent by Cristobal Licea

3. Cyborg by Lianne Moseley

4. Grey Fox by Miss Sinister

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Philip Bonneau

6. Quiet by Angela Bermudez

7. The Avengers by Ruben Casal

8. Boba Fett by Wiser Oner

9. Lady Deadpool by Megan Golden

10. Cortana by Paul Roustan

11. Venom and Carnage by Lana Chromium

12. Titan Shifter and Female Titan by Jim McAvoy

13. "Darth Maui" via greyloch

14. Arkham City Harley Quinn by Allyson Averell

15. Crysis Nanosuit by Ashley Roberts

16. Deadpool by ABC Body Art

17. The Lion King Homage by Mandi Ilene

18. Sheik by ArtistiCurves

19. Gambit by Liane Moseley

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Source: Dorkly


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