ByDaniel Morgan, writer at

I have just this minute pre-ordered my copy of Legend of the Galactic Heroes Vol.1 - Dawn.

I have been a fan of the anime for years. It is one of the most complex, artistic, and nuanced animes that maybe there has ever been. The adage "Game of Thrones in Space" that I have heard banded around is entirely appropriate. So I was understandably thrilled when I heard that not only had Viz Media licensed the original novels that the anime was based on - something I was certain would never happen - but, courtesy of Sentai Filmworks, the anime is also getting a western release.

Bellow is Part 1 of a new series of videos, in which I will deconstruct just what it is that makes the show so great. If you have seen the show before, now is a good time to remind yourself how good it is. And if you have not, you are in for an absolute treat.


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