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Some may say WWE is fake and everything about it is fake; injuries, story lines, the hatred between superstars, all of it. This article will show my top five injuries in WWE. A lot of people like myself love seeing superstars put their lives on the line to entertain us; Jeff Hardy, Even Air-Borne, Neville. Warning this has very graphic content! Please continue with caution. This is in no particular order.

5. Mick Foley/Mankind's thrown of the Hell In A Cell. King Of The Ring 1997


Most WWE fans will automatically think of this when anyone talks about Hell In A Cell matches.

In his own words when organizing the match:

"I'd dropped elbows off the balcony of Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, so I thought starting the match on top of the cell with an elbow through the Spanish announce table would be memorable and that I could pull it off."

It surely was memorable... Foley suffered a dislocated shoulder and still continued the match. in an interview he said he couldn't feel his arm.

4. Owen Hart Breaks Stone Colds Neck: Summerslam 1997


About 15 minutes or so into the match, Owen reversed Austin into a sit down pile driver. But Austin's neck was too low and when Hart went to his ass, it spiked Stone Cold's head into the mat and broke his neck, and was temporarily paralyzed.

Joey Mercury Broken Nose. Armageddon 2006


One of my personal all time favorite matches and not because of this reason. In a "Tornado Four Way Tag Team Match" against Matt and Jeff Hardy VS John Morrison (Nitro at the time) and Joey Mercury VS Paul London and Brian Kendrick VS William Regal and Dave Taylor For the WWE World Tag Team Championship Matt holds Joey and Johns over the ladder and Jeff does a Tini-Totter and the ladder Hits Joey in the face. With five stitches on the inside of his nose and 15 on the outside, lost most of his vision in the left eye, and lost a lot of blood. This well and truly shortened his wrestleing career.

2. Sid Vicious leg SNAPS. WCW Nitro: Sin 2001.


In The match Sid vicious competed for the World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Animal in a "Four Corners" match at the Sin pay-per-view back on January 14, 2001. As he did a Big Boot off the ropes he landed wrong and well it was more then just a weasel that went pop That day!

1. Owen Heart Falls To his Death. Over The Edge. 1999


I didn't really want to upload this video but it is not as bad as I thought it would be. There are different rumors to how he died, some say as he was coming down, the rope malfunctioned resulting him gaining speed. Others say the ring was positioned wrong. But by looking at the video above it looks like a mixture of the both.

Thanks for reading and if you think I missed some feel free to add them on the comment section!


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