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in November of 2008 Google came out with a new product called Google Earth 4.0. it was still in beta test and the images that were used in it where images from NASA satellite photos. immediately after the program came out people were discovering new things underneath the floors of the ocean and on the land so I thought what a wonderful tool to search for the lost city of Atlantis. So I looked up the research from the accounts that Plato had beyond the Pillars of Hercules in the Atlantic Ocean and I found objects just beneath the Azores on top of the great meteor table mount. when I zoomed in as close as I could I found structures that was so big I compared them to the city of Detroit and they were larger. A couple weeks after I discovered this I recorded a video of it and posted it on YouTube and after people started commenting on my video and trying to debunk it saying that it was a Photoshop I was able to prove it wasn't because in the video it showed images provided by NASA! immediately after this Google Earth came out with an update that used sonar imagery instead of NASA satellite photos which covered up the images that I saw on ocean. Then a few weeks later people started posting their own videos saying they found Atlantis too but it was a different location and looked like a street grid at the bottom of the sea floor below sea level. How could a island continent be below sea level I asked! Well then the United States navy debunked them saying it was caused from sonar dragging on the sea floor. Then after continuing to argue my case that I had discovered something my email account and YouTube started getting hacked!!! Several times I was hacked and retrieved my account back till finally someone stole it and locked me out! I tried every way I could to retrieve it back with no way to call or contact YouTube other than a forum I just gave up. Finally one day I did a web search to see about my channel and searched it out search4atlantis and to my surprise the channel was getting several views and all my videos as well. I even found websites that showed the stats on my videos some even won awards for subject and content! This prompted me to attempt to get it back. I had also attached an AdSense account to it allowing YouTube to put adds on my videos and pay me a profit on views. It wasn't a lot but over 5 to 6 years it added up! Finally I got my channel back just yesterday after figuring out other emails attached to it and was able to sign into it. When it signed in all my videos were removed all removed from search engines and only thing that was left was the profile picture it had in 2012 I put there before i was locked out.. I'm so pissed off at Google and I'm looking to seek legal advise and possibly contacting the media to fight for my videos and the money they skated out of having to pay me!! We'll luckily I did have some of the most important videos on another video hosting site were I was able to download them and put those on my YouTube which I just did yesterday. I still have the most important footage the very first video I recorded that shows satellite images by NASA. I am looking for anyone who has the experience in archaeology or lost civilizations that can help me out and help me find out just exactly what is underneath the ocean above the great meteor tablemount in the North Atlantic Ocean rightward Plato said he seen Atlantis's. If you would like to see my video on my YouTube channel just go to and tell me what you think!


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