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James Wood

I feel like I have to fully justify my reasoning for watching a movie like this. No one in their right mind would simply say to themselves “Hey, I feel like watching this, it looks good fun”. The Human Centipede 2 makes the first film look like a Disney feature. Director Tom Six said this and boy is he right, in the worst possible way. I’m a film student, and my lecturers encourage me and my fellow students to watch all types of film, whether it’s foreign film, extreme cinema, old and new films, you name it we are given all suggestions. One of my lecturers said she’d seen the entire Human Centipede trilogy. We got chatting about it and I told her I couldn’t stomach the second one when it was first released. She sat through it and suggested another watch, so I did.

I was fascinated by the first film. It is tense, nicely shot, gritty and unbelievably vile. I was about fifteen or sixteen when I saw the first one, it all started with a morbid curiosity and the fact my Aunty had told me not to watch it. So of course I watched it and was attached to the film…Yes that pun was intended. Skip ahead about two or three years and a second film was released, me and one my friends down the street thought we’d give it a go, a late night viewing. We turned it off after twenty minutes, the whole black and white look made the tone and atmosphere too real, and the early images were shocking. I said I’d never watch it again. That changed!

Me and my housemate do frequent movie nights and we’ll watch anything. The more gory and violent the better. The trailer for The Human Centipede 3 was released earlier this year, and very recently my brave lecturer has seen it for herself and said it was bad enough to make the second film seem tame. Curiosity, yet again, caught me and I suggested to my housemate let’s watch the second film. He agreed, at first with mild hesitation, and this is what we thought.

The Human Centipede 2 is the hardest film to sit through, you must have one hell of a strong stomach to last. There is no anaesthetic for the victims, all the surgical application is used with pliers, hammers, staplers, enormous blades and a funnel with a tube attached. I am warning you readers now we were on the edge of being sick ourselves at one point, as the main antagonist Martin, a parking garage worker with a twisted past, decides to inject laxatives into each victim and watches as the feeding ensues. You can’t help but turn your head away, as the sound design alone gives you a vivid image of what is happening.

You will never look at barbed wire or sandpaper the same way again, director and writer Tom Six is without a doubt the most insane, controversial and messed up man in the industry. Who thinks up this kind of stuff? At one point, a pregnant lady gives birth in a car whilst being chased. She turns on the ignition as the baby rolls out of her onto the floor and underneath the accelerator, and she stamps down and squashes her newborn. Sitting through this, we let out noises of intense disgust and shock non-stop. You don’t watch this film for the acting, which by the way isn’t that bad, and it’s a well shot and nicely lit film, but what sticks with you the most is the violence and excess of gore and vulgarity.


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