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I never saw the original TV series so I am not going to be making any comparisons to that and just focus on what this movie directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring the legendary Denzel Washington with the ever so talented Chloe Grace Moretz.

As the protagonist we see Robert McCall go about this daily routine from working in the hardware store, to commuting back to his Boston appartment before going to a local diner just to eat a regular meal whilst bringing his own tea bag and conversing with Alina (Chloe Moretz) whom is a teenaged prostitute for the Russian Mafia and you begin to see a formula over the next few nights where they open up a little more with the books that Robert reads and Alina tells him of her troubles and her dreams of the future as a singer.

Some people can relate to Robert's situation whereby they something so despicable happen to someone so innocent of pain that they never asked for that they go to lengths to end the suffering, and that's when Robert steps up as the Equalizer and begins righting the wrongs.

The writing is stellar and you really care for these characters in what they endure and you see that even the antagonists have depth to them and aren't just cardboard 2 dimensional villains.

The only minor criticism I will give this flick is that it could have featured more screen time for Chloe as the impression I got what that she was heavily downplayed even though she was Robert's fire and reason for going vigilante in the first place.

I've heard the movie has received some mixed criticism and I find that a little weird considering the cast, writing and that no one turned in a bad performance.

To those who narked, I say - your loss.


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