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With the sudden reveal that Marvel studios will be making a sequel to Ant-Man (Ant-Man and The Wasp) in 2018 I thought we would take a look at the more debatable topic, what movies could fill the 3 new release dates. Now although they were presumed to be Phase 3 films it could in fact be the start of Phase 4, so with that in mind there is a opportunity to create sequels to Phase 3 films. Below sees my predictions on what will take hold of the entitled release dates.

May 1st 2020 - Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange: Eternity)

I'll start with one of my most confident picks Doctor Strange 2. Next year we will see the debut of The Sorcerer Supreme hemmed by Scott Derkison and starting Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character. Now although Doctor Strange is a risk for Marvel due to the cosmic and trippy nature of the comics I believe due to the Strong belief in the people working on the film and the initial concept of the character this is someone who deserves multiple sequels in quick concession. As for the tittle and date, well Eternity fits what could be the basis for the sequel. I believe they would also start with Strange early in the year to gather pace from the Inhumans movie, as well as create a known property after Inhumans if it fails to impress at the box office.

July 10th 2020 - (Reboot) The Spider-Man 2

Second on the list is another sequel that will inevitable be made some time in the future and due to Sony's need to make money I would expect it to be a summer blockbuster A.S.A.P. As we know the Spider-man reboot produced by Marvel and Sony will hit in 2017, following on from this pattern the most logical time frame is a 3 year gap between projects. This would allow the MCU to develop around the character and for the creative team to be put in place, as I would expect the director to change for the sequel. As for the possibilities for the sequel, it's going to be based off the success of the reboot film and the most logical step in the character progression. Aside from Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei returning as Spider-Man and Aunt May respectfully not much is known about the sequel or the reboot for that matter, all we know is that it will surely be a hit and deserve a sequel in both studio's minds.

November 6th 2020 - Namor

Finally we get to the risky pick. Much is known about this MUTANT, most of all that the rights don't fully belong to Marvel. Admiringly this can causes a few isssues but it's not like the Sony situation, Namor is currently situated is a place where rights and usage are "being sorted out" which means that we will see Namor on the big screen but not untill 2020 at the earliest.

So why November, well it's due to the backstory of Namor. As comic fans may know Namor is a mutant and in case anybody is unaware Marvel can't use the word Mutant at all. So how do you get around that, simple introduce a race of "Inhumans". Yes the Inhumas are a separate race which have foundations in the comics dating back to the 60's but changing Namor to a Inhuman would be a vast alteration to what we have seen in the cosmic.

Now it would make sense also to put Namor straight after the Inhumans movie but this is a very risky move for two reason, the first reason is that if Inhumans fails the whole basis of Namor would have to change to accommodate the issues with Inhumans, the second is that they will introduce Namor into the Inhumans movie, giving it about a year to develop allows the audience and studio to examine if they really want Namor in a solo film.I wont; go into detail about Namor exept that he is a basically Marvels answer to Aquamn, check out the link to Namor's Marvel page for more info


Which Film would you like to see take one of these dates?


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