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I will accept outright that my views regarding this show might come off as bias. And that's fine. For me, when I watched this for the firs time as an adult to fully comprehend the writing, cast performance, stunts and special effects; I was being introduced to a world that knew how to entertain it's audience yet at the same time be able to teach the right lessons seemingly subtle.

There have been shows like Captain Planet that practically force the message of environmental awareness down your throat. Knight Rider didn't do that.

Michael would tell the victim of the week that they had choices in ways that could make their lives better and all they had to do was take action as opposed to making them do it.

That was the key selling point of this show is that it had heart in that you cared about Michael, KITT, Devon, April/Bonnie and the people that they helped each week as the Foundation for Law And Government.

KITT, an Artificially Intelligent talking customised 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, voiced by William Daniels, was the star of the show with the James Bond styled gadgetry installed and having a pedantic personality that made him the Yang to Michael Yin.

David Hasselhoff was born to play Michael Knight that would become this larger than life character over time with his 'never say die' attitude as that One Man that could make a Difference when no other could. When you see an actor enjoying what they're doing, you can see it literally singing in their performance. David would also have a sinigjng career, but that's for another time.

Edward Mulhare as the Foundation's Director, Devon Miles, had this wonderful Grandfatherly warmth about him in that you felt you could learn wisdom from him and be that voice of reason whenever Michael would fly off the handle in the early seasons. Michael would become calmer with time, but in Season 1 specfically, Devon was that stern father-figure to the Knight, but they would become like father and son as the show progressed.

Similar thing with Michael & KITT. In the first season they would bicker with each other like children with Michael's passion and lack of patience and KITT with his childlike demaonour that tried to do all to please him. As episodes progressed KITT developed a personality that would be quirky, quick responsive and be able to call Michael out on his lack of logic whereas Michael would learn to tolerate KITT's quips and begin to view him as his best friend.

Everyone that worked on Knight Rider really contributed to something special and larger than life. Michael Scheiffe was just amazing with how he customised the Trans Am that made the car look like it belonged in the future yet allowing KITT to blend in when applicable.

Stu Phillips made that the theme of the show with those first few beats and then going into the rhytym that everyone knows so well and to the mastermind that was Glen Larson that made this show all possible and whom we miss so much.

And in the 33 years since September 26, 1982, fans all over saw Knight Rider as a calling, an inspiration and learning the difference between right and wrong and could relate to the stories.

Whether it was KITT Vs Car, Michael against Garth or Devon escaping jail in Season 1's No Big thing, you got something from each episode that either left you feeling uplifted or inspired to do better in your own life.

And if you can get that from a TV show, that's surely a good thing.

One Man Can Make A Difference.

And he's still making a difference.


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