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Game of Thrones is by far the most compelling and entertaining TV show I have ever seen. Yes, Breaking Bad is a classic and Mr. Robot is also promising. Still, George R R Martin's vision of Westeros is enriched with drama and mythology that has strong historical undercurrents. For those who haven't checked my previous article on that issue, please go ahead:

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Proving the genius of the show, today I'm presenting some teases that we have seen in the show, but obviously failed to notice them, or more importantly didn't gave much of an attention. As season 5 has finished, it's clear to us that most of the major events were hinted throughout the series by the characters, without ever knowing that it will happen. I've collected such a few interesting events from the series and why don't we just have a closer look at them, so that we could understand that we were stupid enough for not catching them earlier. As always, Spoilers are right ahead. So, beware!

1. Fire cannot kill a dragon!

A rather obvious one, since we all know the Targaryens and their obsession with fire. Here at season 1, Khal Drogo quenches Viserys Targaryen's thirst for power with his offer for the crown. It was indeed a trick and Drogo begins to pour a bowl of molten gold over Viserys's head. As Viserys dies, Daenerys remarks that he was no dragon for fire cannot kill a dragon. For the book readers, it was a clear indication for her resurrection among flames, but for the casual viewers, it wasn't more than a catchphrase. But, the season finale proved us dead wrong!

2. No better sight!

Tyrion Lannister has contributed most of the famous quotes of the Game of Thrones saga and in Season 1, during his encounter with Theon Greyjoy, he remembers the Iron islanders attack on Lannis port. An ecstatic Theon asks Tyrion whether it was a pretty sight. Tyrion replies, " There is no better sight than watching sailors burning alive". Could've been nothing. Still, in Season 2, we have seen the power of wildfire and the shock on Tyrion's face was enough to prove that it must have been the same expression he have made at Lannis port.

3. Anyone can be killed!

Arya Stark is the lone wolf of the series and her connection with the life of Nymeria, her direwolf, is yet to discuss on the show. So far, she had a number of traveling companions including Gendry, Hot Pie and The Hound. The most surprising one was Tywin Lannister, when she was kept prisoner at Harrenhal. She spent her days as a cup-bearer and their confrontations were a delight to watch. On one such occasion, Tywin asks her about Robb Stark and how he is treated among the Northerners. She replies with proud. In the end she answers to the question whether she believes in them with a firm no. As she says "Anyone can be killed". It was indeed a death sentence for Robb, as he was killed at the Twins on 3rd season.

4. Wolf killed by a stag!

Perhaps the most shocking death in the series, the beheading of Ned Stark was one of the most brilliant moments of the series. It proved that no one is safe in Westeros, not even the noble hero Eddard Stark. But, his death was foreshadowed earlier in the show. At pilot episode, we have seen a Direwolf killed by Stag. It was an obvious prediction for Ned Stark's death. Whether Joffrey is the bastard of Jaime is a different issue. Still, he was recognized as a Baratheon, whose sigil is a Stag. Also, Theon shares his doubt whether it was a Mountain Lion, which is of course the Lannister sigil. If only we have paid much more attention, we could've escaped from that shock!

5. Must smash the beetles!

A reference to G.R.R Martin himself, this tease comes in season 4. The Lannister brothers share a few moments before Tyrion's trial and he remembers their old uncle who smashed beetles with no particular reason. Tyrion shares his agony with Jaime with the story and asks the question why did all the beetles die. It is the same question we asks when one of our favorite characters die on the show. The puppet-master himself put that into his own perspective and it was pure genius. I wonder if it was his intentions.

Since we were reluctant accept these teases before they could happen, we were terrorized by the untimely death of our favorite character. So, I would be listing some of the unresolved teases as a pointer to the future episodes. Remember, these are of predictive nature and not a guaranteed inside story.

6. You are no son of mine!

The Tyrion theory discusses with the possibility of him being the son of Areys Targaryen. So, the dying words of Tywin Lannister is never to be treated neglectfully.

7. You'll Fly!

Whether the Three-eyed raven mentions about dragon-warging or just crow-warging is yet to be revealed. As for now, we are certain that Bran will fly!

8. You know nothing Jon Snow !

Yes, Jon snow is dead! But, for how long? There is a lot of fuss going around his return and it might finally answer the enigma of this phrase. Whether it was about R+L=J theory or some other destiny, we hope that Yigritte was right about Jon. That he knew nothing, at all!


What do you think about these teases?


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