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Now one could argue that this is just Hollywood out of ideas again (that's nothing new), but I like that they're doing essentially a Batman origin story but focusing it on a young James Gordon as he begins his quest to rid the city of corruption in not only the criminal world but the Police department of which he works in.

Ben Mackenzie does an amazing job as Gordon in his rookie Detective years having come from the battlefield of war and adapating to being a Policeman.

What I like about his performance as Gordon is that cuts right to the chase and doesn't dance around issues. that's what makes a very likable protagonist is that he doesn't BS the audience and is as eager to solve a case as he is.

Donal Logue who plays soiled cop, Harvey Bullock, is a lovable rogue with his rather blunt and rough around the edges demanour who works with the "program" in the GCPD of which is controlled by Crime Boss Carmine Falcone.

The other standout stars in this are Robin Lord Taylor who plays a young Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin and you really believe the conviction in his acting as he brings the character to life.

The other notable actor is young David Mazouz who plays Bruce Wayne just as his parents are murdered in fron of him and you see circumstances of what he goes through and the transition he makes in being very cerebral in wanting to know who committed the crime against his family and the no nonsense attitude he adpots in getting to the bottom of the suspected corruption that's going on in his father's company.

I like that the producers are respecting the source material to where the characters came from but at the same time are establishing their own story with these characters etched deep in Batman lore.

Whether or not we will actually see Bruce become Batman in this show is unclear yet as I am not sure if that will be the producers intention. But I've been wrong before.

Gotham serves TV with some justice with this entertaining series.


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