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Oh fudge! Where do I begin with this 2007 Train-wreck??

I will give the movie credence for the way that Peter's dark side was portrayed with the symbiote bonded altering his personality and making him act out of character with him being moody, hot tempered and acting like he's the gift for women.

The whole 'Spider-Swagger' segment with him flashing the moves like he's some major player was just cringeworthy to watch and it's something I've talked about many a time.

The biggest concern of this flick is that it tried to cram in way too much into a time run that went on way too long. This really should have ended with Peter separating himself from the alien suit and bonding to Eddie Brock.

I say this because the Venom aspect of this flick should have been one whole movie rather than just shoe-horning him for the last 20 minutes which is very poor considering how fan-favourite the character is.

Also I didn't like the way that Brock was portrayed by Toper Grace. I grant that the actor was just going with the material that he was given, but to me this character was not Eddie Brock. Yeah, the character in most incarnation is an insufferable douche that you wouldn't give a second thought for, but the Eddie Brock that people are so familiar is the stereotypical beefed up jock that bullies his way into getting what he wants.

In this.....he's a wuss that loves himself just a tad too much.

Also Kirsten Dunst just got worse as Mary-Jayne Watson. She was whiny, unredeemable and just flat.

James Franco was one of the few rerpsing aspects of this flick as he got so much more depth to his character in dealing with the acceptance of what his father really was and making the necessary face turn at the end. I don't think the character deserved to be killed off, but that's my hangup.

I was glad this movie ended. This was the Batman & Robin to this Spiderman movie franchise.


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